He said Brooke Shields was very down to earth

He said Brooke Shields was very down to earth

He said Brooke Shields was very down to earth

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A movie director who grew up in Chico just debuted a new movie for the holidays. 'Holiday Harmony' is director Shaun Piccinino's third Christmas movie in three years. It premiered Nov. 24 and is streaming on HBO Max.

On this most recent project he had the opportunity to work with veteran actress Brooke Shields, 'West Side Story' star Annelise Cepero, and 'Peter Pan' star Jeremy Sumpter.

"It really is a movie about family and the place you call home," Piccinino said. He said Brooke Shields was very down to earth, choosing to eat lunch with the crew everyday and getting to know everyone on the set.

"All the rumors are true you hear she's a lovely person, she's easy to work with , all true. (She) brought all that experience and professionalism to the role, my job was so easy to connect with her."

'Holiday Harmony' is about an aspiring singer (Cepero) who grew up in the foster care system. She's driving across the country to get her big break performing in a concert for I-Heart radio. But she's delayed when her van breaks down in a small town in Oklahoma, where she meets an interesting cast of characters

"The music too, I think everybody is going to love the music," Piccinino said. "Our star Annelise Cepero, she's an amazing vocalist. She's in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story and her vocals are just unbelievable. And the songwriting in there, the main song that plays in the trailer that was done with the best of the best songwriters, the best in the business. They worked on 'A Star is Born' with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

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