but he just managed to turn one of his goofiest traits into a dangerous weapon

but he just managed to turn one of his goofiest traits into a dangerous weapon

but he just managed to turn one of his goofiest traits into a dangerous weapon

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Luffy from One Piece is one of the silliest protagonists in Shonen manga, but he just managed to turn one of his goofiest traits into a dangerous weapon. This perhaps should not be surprising as series author Eiichiro Oda has constantly come up with new and innovative ways for Luffy to use his powers in combat. But it is still always a joy to see Luffy continue to push the limits of his abilities in a fresh and exciting way.

In chapter 1070 Luffy is fighting his old enemy Rob Lucci using his awakened Devil Fruit powers in Gear Fifth. He throws a variety of fun new attacks at Lucci, but one of the silliest is when he opens his mouth wide to seemingly try to eat his foe. Lucci manages to dodge out of the way, but Luffy then bangs his cheeks together to spray the chunks of the ground that he bit off when he missed at his enemy. While this attack ultimately isn't too effective, it still is a neat reference to one of Luffy's more comedic character traits.

Luffy's goofiness is a big part of what makes his character so popular. He has very simple needs including a ravenous appetite that often causes him to get into various humorous situations. While his hunger is mainly used for comedic effect, it can also make certain dramatic moments even more intense such as when he starved until Sanji fed him in Whole Cake Island and when he found out about the starving villagers in Wano. His comedic traits also enhance his fighting style, especially after Luffy discovered Gear Fifth in Wano. This technique lets him be free to fight however he wants to, which manifests itself in absurd attacks straight out of a cartoon. These two comedic traits combined in his biting attack this chapter, which was awesome to see.

Luffy's New Attack Is a Natural Extension of His Character

Part of what makes One Piece such a joy to read is how seamlessly intertwined its various elements are. The series rewards its fans for paying careful attention and this moment was no different. If a reader didn't know about Luffy's voracious appetite, his biting attack may have just seemed like a goofy application of his powers rather than a natural extension of his character. This sort of detail is why fans will endlessly dissect every panel of this incredible series.

It is unclear if Luffy will ever use this biting attack again, as it didn't seem very effective and Gear Fifth enables Luffy to fight in a myriad of other ways as well. But even if he never revisits it, its awesomeness as a subtle reference to one of his goofier character traits will never be diminished. And so by weaponizing Luffy's goofiest trait One Piece once again proved why it is one of the best manga of all time.

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