but this high-concept adult fairy tale “Hatching”

but this high-concept adult fairy tale “Hatching”

but this high-concept adult fairy tale “Hatching”

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The appreciably nasty Finnish horror fantasy “Hatching” sometimes feels like a short movie that was needlessly stretched out into a (relatively brief) feature. It wasn’t, but this high-concept adult fairy tale, about a 12-year-old gymnast who discovers and raises a giant bird-monster, only comes to life in fits and starts, mainly thanks to its cast and crew’s appreciable craftsmanship. Kudos to everybody who made the aforementioned bird monster look slimy and feral, particularly special effects make-up supervisor Conor O’Sullivan, creature effects supervisor Gustav Hoegen, and their respective teams. Also, all due praise to the generally strong ensemble cast who, with the encouragement of director Hanna Bergholm, suggest a lot of sublimated tension through suppressed winces and performative smiles.

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