Trailer Reveals Antonia Campell Hughes and Johnny Flynn in Paranoid

Trailer Reveals Antonia Campell Hughes and Johnny Flynn in Paranoid

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Cordelia is the movie that feels like it's been a long time coming. The Johnny Flynn and Antonia Campbell-Hughes has been teased for a while, and now we have a trailer for the movie which gives us a look into the twisted story of Cordelia (Campbell-Hughes) and her interaction with her neighbor Frank (Flynn). You may remember this movie as the one with the poster that looked...interesting. It went viral back in 2020 when everyone was confused about whether it was a period piece, or whether the characters were in a compromising position. And now, after watching the new trailer for the film, that poster does feel wildly reaching.

Directed by Adrian Shergold and written by Shergold and Campbell-Hughes, the thriller takes us on a journey with an incredible cast! Joining Campbell-Hughes and Flynn are Catherine McCormack, Joel Fry, and Michael Gambon. The trailer does little to give anything away about the film outside of a general feeling of unease but it's still a nice sense of what we can look forward to with Cordelia.


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The film is described as follows: Cordelia (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), a young woman living in London, meets her mysterious and alluring neighbor Frank (Johnny Flynn) for the first time but quickly becomes suspicious of his motives. With her twin sister away for the weekend, Cordelia is left alone and overcome with paranoia. She begins to unravel and sink back into past traumas the more that Frank tries to charm his way into her life, becoming a danger to herself and others.

We also got a new poster (which is a lot less compromising than the first poster) that has Cordelia front and center with Frank looming over her shoulder, giving us more of a sense of unease than the first poster did. This movie looks like another fascinating move for Flynn as an actor, who has had success in movies like Emma and most recently The Outfit. And seeing him play someone as eerie as Frank is going to be a bit of a change of pace. Hopefully, we'll get a look into who Fry, McCormack, and Gambon are playing in future footage but if not, we only have to wait until later this month to watch for ourselves. Cordelia is in theaters and on demand this May 20 and let's all get a little afraid of our neighbors together.
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