New Girl's Best Schmidt & Nick Moments

New Girl's Best Schmidt & Nick Moments

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The series finale of New Girl, one of the best moments featuring Nick (Jake Johnson) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) was not originally written in the script, but totally improvised. New Girl began in 2011 and continued for seven successful seasons on FOX. Though the show is over, it has achieved streaming immortality via Netflix, and still manages to attract old and new viewers alike thanks to the chemistry of the cast. In that aforementioned scene, the actors improvised the majority of the flashback between the two characters, in which they speculate about the potential adventures that may happen in their brand new loft. Improv by the actors was a common occurrence behind the scenes of New Girl, and many of the show's most iconic scenes were actually ad-libbed. There were also a lot of adjustments made to characters and plot lines that were significantly influenced by the actors. For example, the original plan for New Girl's Nick Miller was very different; he was meant to be the smartest friend in the group, but the producers chose to play to Jake Johnson's comedic strengths, which made him more immature, lazy, and lovable.

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The New Girl series finale, there is a scene that flashes back to when Nick and Schmidt first moved into the loft. Though the script had Nick voicing his dreams of being a writer and falling in love and Schmidt becoming a husband and father, actors Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield took the opportunity to have one more classic exchange between the two best friends. Johnson asked Greenfield, as Schmidt, to tell him about the girl of his dreams, and Greenfield answered with an exact description of Nick, including everything he was wearing in the scene - down to his beanie and the orange-ish red color of his hoodie. This plays as a continuation of the many suggestions littered throughout the series that Schmidt loves Nick in a more romantic way than Nick loves him. The dynamic between Nick and Schmidt was a beloved one on New Girl. They had so many great moments that were both funny and sincere, many of which revolved around Schmidt's borderline romantic interest in Nick, and Nick's consequent discomfort with Schmidt's displays of unabashed affection. The two have a history together that dates back to their college days as roommates, and they continue to live together for most of the series. They even throw an elaborate celebration for their "Tinfinity" in honor of their tenth year of being roommates.

In 2018, New Girl ended after season 7 with everyone moving out of the loft and into the next phase of their adult lives. Nick marries Jess (Zooey Deschanel) while Schmidt marries Cece (Hannah Simone), and both go on to start families while remaining good friends. However, though they have romantic partners in their wives, the best lifelong partners on New Girl were undoubtedly Nick and Schmidt themselves.
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