Michael Keaton Set To Direct And Star In New Thriller

Michael Keaton Set To Direct And Star In New Thriller

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Michael Keaton will direct and star in an upcoming movie titled Knox Goes Away. Keaton is most famous for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne in Batman and Batman Returns, but is generally a prolific actor also known for his work in Birdman and The Founder. He has one previous directing credit; in 2008, he directed The Merry Gentleman, which he also starred in. The Merry Gentleman is a thriller about a woman leaving an abusive relationship who forms friendships with a hitman and a detective. In terms of his upcoming work, Keaton returns as Batman in The Flash movie and Batgirl. 

According to Deadline, Keaton is set to direct his second film, another thriller called Knox Goes Away. Keaton will also star. The script is by Gregory Poirier (Rosewood, Tomcats) and follows a contract killer diagnosed with dementia who must escape the police before his dementia fully kicks in. Knox Goes Away will be up for sale at the Cannes Film Market later in May.


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Keaton’s directorial debut, The Merry Gentleman, he fell into the role in a bit of an untraditional way. Days before production was set to begin, the original director ruptured his appendix, so Keaton stepped in to save the project. The film was met with mixed reviews. Now, Keaton is attached as director from the beginning for Knox Goes Away, so hopefully he can take this opportunity to prepare and make a comeback. This can be a real showcase for the Batman star as he puts both his directorial skills and acting chops on display. Production for Knox Goes Away is tentatively set to begin in August.


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