Dirty Dancing Star Didn't Want To Work

Dirty Dancing Star Didn't Want To Work

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Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey says that she initially didn’t want to work with Patrick Swayze. In the years that have followed since Dirty Dancing’s 1987 release, the film has been referenced in countless numbers of other films, including Uncle Buck, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and This Is the End. Despite its immense popularity, however, a 2004 sequel failed to find success, as did a short-lived TV series. The film follows a somewhat basic premise in which bored teen Baby (Grey) discovers an exciting world of dancing and romance while on summer vacation with her well-to-do parents at a rustic resort in upstate New York. Baby falls for Johnny Castle (Swayze), the resort’s no-nonsense dance instructor, who introduces her to a way of life that she scarcely knew existed. But within this new reality, Baby begins to see just how blind her privilege has made her to life’s often harsh truths. The result is a movie that captured audiences' hearts with drama, romance, sorrow, and plenty of dancing. Swayze’s death in 2009 has made the film even more important to fans, but his ideal pairing with Grey wasn’t initially so perfect. As reported by The Independent, during a recent appearance on The View, Grey reveals that she originally didn’t want to work with Swayze on Dirty Dancing. The two had previously worked together on the 1984 Red Dawn, an experience that turned Grey off of ever working with Swayze again, due to his off-camera behavior. Citing Swayze’s “macho” attitude as one of the aspects that irritated her about the late star

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Swayze certainly was right about him and Grey being able to “kill it” as Johnny and Baby. The pair’s relationship in the film has a real chemistry to it, a fact that served to further enhance their dancing. Today, the idea of Swayze and Grey’s characters having been portrayed by anyone else is practically sacrilege to fans. However, regardless of how great the pair were in the original film, Swayze’s passing hasn’t stopped Grey from deciding to executive produce and star in a Dirty Dancing 2 movie. This has been met with a variety of opinions and at present, information on the new project is being kept tightly under wraps. While many fans don’t want a new Dirty Dancing without Swayze, there are plenty of people who want to see just what Grey can do with such a classic IP. It’s hard to believe that the original film almost didn’t end up starring Grey and Swayze, and fans are likely be thankful that Swayze was wise enough to understand his past mistakes and apologize.






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