Superman's Animated Fleischer

Superman's Animated Fleischer

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The popular alternate costume worn by Superman in the Fleischer animated shorts has returned in a new comic set in the continuity of The CW's Superman & Lois. Although the Man of Steel is known for his red and yellow emblem, the retro look incorporates black as the background of the crest. While numerous artists have reimagined Superman’s look countless times, with The New 52 and Rebirth as recent examples, his costume has generally remained the same since its inception. Its timeless quality has represented the superhero’s universality and transcendence in the medium. However, Superman’s first notable costume redesign came in the 1940s’ animated Fleischer series of shorts, in which his suit is recolored in a few areas. Despite the alterations counting as minor details, they have made an impression on fans throughout the years. The suit was also incorporated in Superman Smashes The Klan, but hasn’t shown up much since its release.

The fan favorite look for Superman has returned in Earth-Prime: Superman & Lois #2, written by Andrew N. Wong, Jai Jamison and Adam Mallinger with art by Tom Grummett. The miniseries set in the continuity of The CW’s Arrowverse returns to an earlier time in Superman’s career. At that point, he wears a more traditional uniform, as designed by his mother Martha Kent. This first iteration of his costume was originally revealed in the live action series’ first season during the episode titled A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Event. The episode was set in the past during Clark’s early days as Metropolis’ protector, filling in Superman's backstory that had been largely left out of the show.

The costume differentiates from Superman’s mainstream suit in a few ways apart from his black crest background, including the yellow outside of the emblem. His belt is also a red color that has matched his briefs in the past. At the time of the animated shorts’ release, it appeared to be a mistake that his belt and briefs were the same color. However, it is now a part of the design which is embraced. While the alternate suit remains timeless, its connection to the era also adds a traditional charm which is characteristic of Superman’s personality. Although Superman & Lois has updated Clark’s costume to more closely resemble The New 52 or Rebirth’s lack of briefs, with some added textures, the Fleischer suit stands out as a better fit for a revised design. The suit maintains its appeal, but no longer calls attention to itself with the clashing yellow behind the red ’S’. As the series set out to ground Superman in the modern world, the throwback Fleischer uniform emphasizes his transcendent quality.

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