With the dates assigned to different Dragon Ball stories

With the dates assigned to different Dragon Ball stories

With the dates assigned to different Dragon Ball stories

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There’s a lot to talk about with Dragon Ball Z’s Namek Saga, and surprisingly, one topic is the idea of it secretly being a Christmas special. While Dragon Ball does have a defined timeline, it often doesn’t specify the dates that certain stories take place in, usually only saying that it’s been a certain number of years since the story that immediately preceded it. Specific dates of stories have been given out in the official Dragon Ball databooks known as the Daizenshuu, and while it doesn’t add a lot to the series, it does work to develop the franchise a little more.

With the dates assigned to different Dragon Ball stories, a surprising conclusion that can be drawn is the Namek Saga secretly being a Christmas special. According to Daizenshuu 7, the final stages of Dragon Ball Z's Namek Saga took place on Christmas Eve (via Kanzenshuu.com), so that means the Namek Saga can be seen as a Christmas special for technically taking place during Christmastime in the same vein as Die Hard or Batman Returns. It’s a humorous thing to think about, and it even makes a joke in another Dragon Ball-related story even better.

Does Christmas Even Exist In Dragon Ball?

Regarding the idea of the Namek saga being a Christmas special, something that needs to be addressed is whether Christmas even exists in Dragon Ball's universe. The only time anyone is ever shown celebrating Christmas is during an extra scene in the Namek Saga of the manga where Dragon Ball's Master Roshi is shown wearing a Santa suit. However, that was a gag scene done as part of all the Weekly Shonen Jump authors celebrating the holidays, so it likely isn’t meant to be canon.

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