The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the backstory of the Witchers

The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the backstory of the Witchers

The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the backstory of the Witchers

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The Witcher: Blood Origin serves as essential setup for The Witcher season 3. Netflix is keen to transform The Witcher into a vast, sprawling franchise, and the streaming giant is hoping to accomplish this through a series of spinoffs. But it's important to understand that these are far more than just prequels; history is cyclical in the Continent. "What has happened will happen again," Merwyn declares at the beginning of The Witcher: Blood Origin, and she's absolutely right.

The danger of such a narrative approach, of course, is that viewers can figure out the patterns ahead of the characters and become bored. Jaskier's cameo in The Witcher: Blood Origin circumvents that potential problem, however, because he's told the same story viewers hear. What's more, the end-credits confirm he's followed the mysterious Storyteller's guidance, transforming the tale of the first Witcher into what he calls "The Song of the Seven" - and it's reasonable to assume Geralt and Ciri will come across it. That means (almost) all the revelations in The Witcher: Blood Origin will soon be known by the main characters as well, ensuring there's a level playing field. Here are all the major twists and changes to the lore viewers need to know ahead of The Witcher season 3, in which Geralt and Ciri's adventures continue.

The Witcher: Blood Origin Finally Explains The Conjunction Of The Spheres

The most important reveal, of course, is an explanation for the celestial event known as the Conjunction of the Spheres. The Witcher: Blood Origin builds on ideas established in The Witcher season 3, confirming the mysterious monoliths scattered across the Continent really can be used to travel through time and space. Elves discovered (or, perhaps, re-discovered) how to use monoliths in this way some 1,200 years ago, but the master monolith was broken during the uprising that brought down the last elven Golden Empire. The destruction of this monolith brought countless worlds and times together, and it seems to have inaugurated a new age where different planes are closer together than before - an age described by Ithlinne as "the time of the Spheres." This presumably explains Ciri's developing powers.

The Origin Of The First Witcher Has Finally Been Revealed

The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the backstory of the Witchers, who are more closely connected to the Conjunction of the Spheres than has been previously known. Fjal was the first Witcher, undergoing a version of the Trial of the Grasses that incorporated the blood of a monster steeped in Chaos. The power seems to have been diluted over time, because Geralt is nowhere near as powerful as Fjal. He is also, thankfully, a lot less unstable. It's unclear how significant this revelation will be to Geralt.

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