Entertainment Weekly has exclusively shared a brand

Entertainment Weekly has exclusively shared a brand

Entertainment Weekly has exclusively shared a brand

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A newly released image of Ghostface in the upcoming Scream VI reveals the killer's worn mask. Following the enormous success of this year's Scream (2022), the newest installment in the much-loved slasher series Scream VI is set to take audiences out of Woodsboro, as Ghostface now seeks to wreak havoc on New York City. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega will return as sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter after joining the franchise in Scream (2022). The sixth installment is also set to see Courteney Cox return as legacy character Gale Weathers.

Following the exciting drop of the first official teaser for Scream VI, Entertainment Weekly has exclusively shared a brand new look at Ghostface in the upcoming horror. The image features only Ghostface, who stands menacingly with a knife; however, what's most interesting is the state of the killer's iconic mask, which is typically a pristine white. The ghoulish mask in the image looks incredibly worn and even somewhat dirty, sparking much speculation as to why this may be.

Does Ghostface's New Mask Hint At A Returning Legacy Character?

The Scream franchise is beloved for its meta approach to the horror genre, which makes each installment its unique whodunnit as viewers work to figure out the identities of the Ghostface killer alongside the characters onscreen. Having established its list of rules across the franchise, Scream VI is expected to put a new twist on the Scream formula with its unique location and host of new faces. Naturally, the reveal of the Scream VI teaser trailer already has audiences speculating about who among these new and returning characters could be the killer. Still, there's one particular name that has been at the center of fan speculation since long before the trailer's release.



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