ProfitDev Reseller By Radu Hahaianu & Mike McKay Review Upsell Coupon Code Discount Bonuses

ProfitDev Reseller By Radu Hahaianu & Mike McKay Review Upsell Coupon Code Discount Bonuses

ProfitDev Reseller By Radu Hahaianu & Mike McKay Review Upsell Coupon Code Discount Bonuses

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In the modern digital environment, there are many different channels for you to successfully close to your customers. And establishing an effective presence in those channels which provide contact with potential customers becomes a vital business challenge for many marketers nowadays.

In fact, mobile apps are considered to be one of the most powerful tools for contacting the target audience in terms of business. Almost every adult in the world has a smartphone and this market continues to grow constantly.

So, why don’t you focus on mobile technology right now?

Imagine if minutes from now you could start getting paid big fat $1,000+ sales straight to your bank account from hungry businesses that can’t get enough of your services.

That is all inside this brand new software called ProfitDev. This pack lets ANYONE, even complete newbies create DFY mobile apps on iOS and Android for yourself or to sell to local clients. And all with zero work, it is 100% done for you.

Main Product (Front End): ProfitDev Software by Radu Hahaianu & Mike McKay. Use ‘PDEV4OFF’ for $4 OFF

UPSELL OTO 1: ProfitDev PRO. Use ‘PDEV4OFF’ for $4 OFF

UPSELL OTO 2: ProfitDev Enterprise. Use ‘PDEV4OFF’ for $4 OFF

UPSELL OTO 3: ProfitDev DFY. Use ‘PDEV4OFF’ for $4 OFF

UPSELL OTO 4: ProfitDev Reseller. Use ‘PDEV4OFF’ for $4 OFF

UPSELL OTO 5: ProfitDev IMX Bundle. Use ‘PDEV4OFF’ for $4 OFF

What Is Called ProfitDev?

ProfitDev is a cloud-based mobile app creator that lets you design stunning, gorgeous mobile apps from scratch with the drag & drop editor, without any coding and monthly fees.

Moreover, you can use more than 30 done-for-you templates in any local or online niche to create the perfect mobile app in just minutes and sell them to businesses ready to pay you thousands for the privilege (YES – a full Commercial License is included!)

About The Author

This product is brought to you by Radu Hahaianu, Mike McKay, and Calin Loan.

These guys have cooperated many times and have launched many high-quality products that helped users deal with their problems. The methods they used are all tested and proven.

Some of their remarkable products are ProfitSite, TrafficCrush,ProfitDrive, AgencyPress, ProfitHost, ProfitMeet, Profit Enigma, ProfitSuite, and recently with the success of ProfitSend.

With their wealth of knowledge and fine reputation, there is no doubt that ProfitDev will become a big hit on the market in the near future.

ProfitDev Review- Feature Details

Let’s take a closer look at what you will be getting inside of ProfitDev:

⇒  Cloud-Based Software Creates Unlimited Mobile Apps From Scratch

Get this ProfitDev now and you will be able to create your very own mobile apps on IOS and Android.

⇒  IOS And Android Compatible Gets You Published On The Biggest Markets On EARTH

Mobile apps generate $700b+ a year and now you too can grab this ProfitDev with zero coding, zero costs, and zero experience!

This product is fully compatible with iOS and Android and doesn’t even require you to register or pay for a developer account.

⇒  Drag & Drop Editor Lets You Tweak Everything With ZERO Coding Involved

With this feature, you can easily drag & drop the built-in templates to create the perfect app for you or your clients.

⇒  30+ DFY Breath-Taking App Templates In Any Local & Online Niche

ProfitDev uses its own team of in-house app designers to create app templates in ALL major offline, local and online that help you instantly boost your online business.

⇒  Commercial License

This license allows you to sell these apps to your targeted clients or build apps for them from scratch.

⇒  Turn ANY Website (Yours Or Clients) Into Fully-Fledged Mobile Apps

Thanks to this new ProfitDev cloud software you can now turn any website, even your customers’ into a fully-fledged mobile app.

Once you’re happy with the app, publishing simply takes a click of your mouse. You can even create apps for others the same way, and then sell them to them, by sending them to any client that pays you for the privilege (local or online).

⇒  No Need To Pay Or Register A Developer Account

Inside this product, there is no need to pay or register an account, everything is ready for you to leverage.

⇒  Designed By Marketers For Marketers

It has been built from the ground up to be marketer-friendly. It means that you can create jaw-dropping mobile apps on IOS & Android like never before!

⇒  Super Reliable Technology

With ProfitDev, all you have to do to get started is log in to this web app and start customizing your dream app.

⇒  Built-In Training To Get Your Apps Published And Generating $1,000+/App

You will be able to get access to step-by-step and in-depth training that helps you get started, publish your first apps for yourself, and sell apps to others also!

⇒  Send Unlimited App Notifications To Customers Phones And Lock Screens

This product allows you to send notifications straight to the phones or tablets of people who download your apps.

You can even place an affiliate link or your own offer right on their home screen… how cool is that?!

⇒  SSL Encryption Keeps Your Apps Secure

With ProfitDev, you’re in full control and with built-in end-to-end SSL encryption, you’re SAFE as well.

⇒  SEO Optimization Gets Your Apps To The Top Of Search Results

This software does all the SEO optimization for you so your app will show up high in the search results.

⇒  24/7 “White Glove” Support

And So Much More!

ProfitDev Review – How To Deploy It?

Enter your registered email to log in to the system:

This is the main dashboard of this product:

Step 1: Building App

Play the tutorial video to have an overview of what you are going to do inside this product.

Click on the “START BUILDING YOUR APPS HERE” button to start creating your new one.

Then, click on “Create App”:

Next, all you need to do is provide your app name, domain link and also, your FAV Icon link.

You can preview your app after pushing the “Create App” button like this seen below:

STEP 2: Send Notifications

Click on the “Notification” section and here, you are able to send notifications straight to the phones or tablets of people who download your apps.

Simply provide the title, message, and icon, choose the app you want to send your notification and click on “Send”:

STEP 3: Publish Your App

Go back to the “My Apps” section and here you can view all of your created apps:

Then, click on “Download” to start downloading your created apps to your desktop and you are ready to publish your app with 1 click straight to IOS & Android or sell it to local & online businesses!

Why Should You Consider This ProfitDev?

This product is a revolution in a mobile app that tears down the huge entry barriers and gives everyone, even a complete newbie, a cost-effective, lightning-fast solution to help you create your very own mobile apps on IOS and Android.

As you can see from my using instruction, ProfitDev is totally newbie-friendly. Therefore, anyone can be up and create a perfect mobile app in just minutes and sell them to businesses ready to pay you thousands for the privilege! All you have to do is just copy/paste any site URL into ProfitDev and have a fully-fledged mobile app ready to use.

This product uses its own team of in-house app designers to create app templates in ALL major offline, local, and online niches. Then, you will be able to get a never-ending stream of targeted traffic.

In addition, mobile apps are so in demand right now, you’ll find your apps are downloaded automatically and organically by everyone. And if you decide to build them to sell to clients, local businesses are ready to pay thousands for apps that look much worse than what ProfitDev creates for you in seconds.

Once you’re happy with the app, publishing simply takes a click of your mouse. You can even create apps for others the same way, and then sell them to them, by sending them to any client that pays you for the privilege (local or online).

That’s why this ProfitDev receives lots of positive comments:

ProfitDev Review- Price & Upsells

Front End

Well, if you look at a quick recap of everything you will get in this ProfitDev, you can see the total value of all the outstanding features packed inside is up to $7,964.

However, today, you only need to pay a price of $16.93. To be honest, this price extremely reasonable compared to all of the benefits that you can receive from it.

Remember that when the special launch ends, the price will slowly move up. Therefore, you had better grab this chance right at the golden time, otherwise, you will need to pay a much higher price or even pay monthly to get access to the library.

The Upsells

Here are some UPSELLs that you can take into consideration if you want to add more value to your product:

Who Should Try This ProfitDev?

From my perspective, this ProfitDev can serve anyone perfectly regardless of their niche. Especially, if you belong to the following list, you should seriously take it into consideration:

+  Marketers

+  Business owners

+  Freelancers

+  Bloggers

+  Digital Marketers

+  eCommerce business owners

+  Entrepreneurs

+  Service Providers

+  Website Owners

+  Newbies

ProfitDev Review- Pros & Cons


♥  Create unlimited mobile apps

♥  IOS and android compatible

♥  No need to pay or register for apple or google developer accounts

♥  30+ done-for-you templates

♥  Commercial license included

♥  Zero codings required

♥  Unlimited free end-to-end SSL encryption

♥  Send unlimited notifications

♥  Step-by-step training included

♥  100% newbie-friendly

♥  No monthly fees – pay once, use forever

♥  30 days money-back guarantee

♥  24/7 support from marketing gurus


X  Up to now, there is none


With all the information I’ve mentioned, I really hope that it could give you enough useful information to make your final decision.

This ProfitDev is exactly what you are looking for to skyrocket your online income. Everything is ready for you now. So, don’t miss this incredible opportunity and start right away.



Hey, it’s Will Weatherly here and welcome to my video ace review. What I want to do is have a quick look at my written review. Take a look at the headline and go into the software. I will show you around and then return to my blog to look at the upgrades. The otos, as well as the bonuses that I put together for those of you who pick up Video Ace through my link now, I’ve put together three sets of bonuses, and I’ve got some amazing bonuses here that are really going to help you with Video Ace.

I’ve worked out some special bonuses with a vendor that’s going to enable you to have free upgrades for three of their previous products, as well as my custom bonuses, which are going to fast track your video marketing in 2022. Now what I have for you is a way that you can go ahead and get your YouTube channel monetized very quickly, as well as tools to help you create short videos that you can monetize. I’m going to let you know about places where you can sell your videos other than Upwork and Fiverr. I’M on my video ace review. This is a new software being brought to market by art, flair, and palovaka shawl.

It goes live on August 13th at 10 a.m. We can see the headline getting sales done. Creating 40 videos was never easier at a low one-time price. Create unlimited done-for-you videos or turn any existing video into an instant traffic and commission magnet. Create and sell. You’ll be able to go ahead and make these videos that you can sell.

You can also use them for your own channels, your own YouTube channels, or any other video sharing platform. Where you want to upload these and what I’ve got for you in my bonuses, before I get into my review, I do want to mention them. What is the fastest and cheapest way to get your YouTube channel monetized? So, whatever niche that you’re in, you’re going to want to create these videos, which can either be longer form videos or what are called “YouTube shorts,” which are less than 60 seconds. And so I’ve got you covered here with a method for quickly, inexpensively, and safely getting your YouTube channel monetized.

Also, I’m going to show you where you can sell your videos other than fiverr and upwork, and then I’m going to let you know about other video sharing platforms than YouTube and Dailymotion, as well as a ninja thumbnail tactic so that your videos get a lot of views. People are going to click on the videos that you create on YouTube, either from search results or from the suggested videos section, and they are going to click on your video based on your thumbnail. So this is really important and I’ve got some other bonuses here as well. Now, in addition to my custom bonuses, I’ve arranged six funnels from the vendor. These are six of their previous products, and you’re going to get otos for each of these products.

As a result, this is extremely valuable.

I think I said three funnels in my introduction, but I’m actually going to give you six funnels, and this includes their previous products and the upgrades for each of these. You are going to want to move quickly on these because I am limiting these to the first 25 people who purchase Video Ace via my link, so you’re going to get these special bonuses. These custom bonuses, as well as some additional premium bonuses-and this is really going to put you in great shape with video ace. So once you land on the dashboard of Video Ace, you’re going to have your video creator over here, you’re going to have a voiceover creator over here, a link cloaker here, an image editor here, high definition images here, tracks with a plr license. This means private label rights, which means that you can resell them if you want, and then you’re going to get support and tutorials over here.

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is to go over here to video creator and you’re going to have some options here for searching from social media. So you can put in a keyword and then you can select a provider, a pinterest keyword, pinterest board id, unsplash keyword, instagram instagram, username, public or instagram username private, and this is going to be It’ll give you five images based on the keyword that you put in there, and then you’re going to have a video which you can upload to your YouTube channel. So these are great for what are called “YouTube Shorts,” and so that’s what I’ve got for you. In my bonus, there are ways that you can go ahead and create these thumbnails, which are really going to get a lot of clicks.

You’re also going to be able to import over here and then upload over here. So you can import your own videos. You can upload them, and then you’ve got the voiceover creator. So this is text to speech. You can go ahead and select a language, so you’re going to have different voices here that you can use for a voiceover.

My name is Brian. I will read any text you type here. Hi, My name is Emma. I will read any text you type here. You can create images that are going to have a narration over them, and if you don’t want to use your own voice, you can go ahead and use a text to speech voice.

So you’re simply going to put the text in here and then you can preview it and then synthesise the file over here. And then you’ve got a link cloaker here, which is kind of a nice benefit, so that you can go ahead and create a shortened link. That isn’t a long, ugly, affiliate link and then you’ve got an image editor over here, which is very much like Canva, so here you’re going to be able to use the image editor. In my opinion, this really isn’t as good as canvas, so I would recommend using Canva. You’re going to learn about that in my bonuses, how you can use Canva 100 for free. I would use that over this. That’s just my opinion, so what I would suggest is using Canva instead of this one.

This really is kind of simple. There are stickers here. Canva is much better in my opinion, so even though it is external to the app, I would go ahead and use Canva and then you’ve got to find HD images over here. You can search for images. So if you wanted to put in something like cache, you’ll be able to use these images here and then you’re going to get tracks, audio tracks with a PLR license, and then support and tutorials. After this review, I’m going to hand you over to a demo.

So you can see what this looks like in action by actually creating these videos. This is a simple video tool. It will save you the headache of using more advanced video editing software if you’re new to online video. You may not want to get into that, and so this is a good solution for that, and with my bonuses, you’re going to be able to create more advanced videos, so you’re well advised to go ahead and grab this through my link because I’m going to set you up with some really great tools for you to take video ace to the next level. This is a good starting tool so that you can start creating videos, and then I’m going to show you how you can really make the most out of them.

With my custom bonuses, which we’re going to look at back on my blog as well as the otos, as for the otos of Video Ace, oto number one is the pro version here: you’re going to get unlimited features and an unlimited reseller license, which is going to remove all restrictions. Oto number two is done for you campaigns. Oto 3 is white label, which is an exclusive one-time opportunity to rebrand Video Ace, and this is only 27. So this is quite a steal, and this is a limited-time offer. So i would go ahead and grab oto number. Three or four figures are referred to as six figures: training, oto five reseller Number six is video hosting. Here you’re going to be able to host unlimited videos, ad-free videos to skyrocket engagement, and this will be seo friendly. I’ve included just some of the features here.

There are more features for each of these, too. The one that I would recommend would be the white label, because that means you can rebrand Video Ace and then sell it as your own product, with your own branding. You’re also going to get these special bonuses limited to the first 25 who purchase the video, which is, via my length, you’re going to get six funnels from the vendor. So this is a super exclusive bonus that I worked out with the vendor for this launch. You’re going to get easy cash to profit from funnels free loophole, profits, internet retirement system, the secret page, and wealth machines, and these include four otos for each product.

So this is an insane value and a limited offer. So you are going to want to move quickly to get your YouTube channel monetized. You’re going to need 4 000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. I’m going to show you how you can do that for less than a hundred dollars in a way that is 100 percent safe. Bonus number two: where to sell your videos, so you know about Fiverr. You know about Upwork, but I’m going to show you other marketplaces where you can sell your videos to clients. Bonus three: how to get one thousand followers fast on tick tock, because these videos can also be used on tick tock. So you can go ahead and start sharing your link on tick tock, but you are going to need to have a thousand followers to do that, and I’m going to show you how you can get to 1,000 followers very fast on 4 underground video sharing platforms.

So you know about YouTube? You know about dailymotion and vimeo, but I’m going to give you some other platforms that are unknown and unsaturated that get a lot of traffic bonus. I’m going to show you how you can 5x your engagement with this thumbnail tactic, and this is a very unique strategy. That’s going to bring a lot of people to your videos. Bonus: 6 YouTube shorts and a thumbnail template.

So, if you’re making a YouTube short video, this is a 60-second video that will appear on mobile and desktop. So you want to have a special thumbnail and I’m going to show you the template that you can use. Bonus. 7. YouTube shorts with a Clickbank bonus: eight YouTube shorts with tick, tock videos, plus a bonus of nine underground social media platforms.

You know about Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These are going to be perfect for short videos that you can go ahead and post on these platforms, which get a lot of traffic, but are not very well known. You’re also going to get these additional premium bonuses: Facebook, traffic hack traffic, Titan, FB traffic, Enigma, Easy Profit Secrets, and Six Minute Profits. So if you’re on my blog, what you can do is go ahead and click any of these buttons. Here.

Click here to get Video Ace, plus all relevant bonuses. That’s going to take you to the sales page and then, when you check out, all of my bonuses will be waiting for you. So if you’re on my youtube channel you’re going to see two links in the description, one is going to take you to the sales page directly. The other is going to take you to this blog, where, when you check out all of these bonuses, we’ll be waiting for you. Now hold on for the quick demo. That’S coming up next and i’ll, see you in the next review: [: Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]! You


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