Linkable DFY Agency Business + Reseller Review Coupon Code Discount By Karthik Ramani OTO Upsell Login Download

Linkable DFY Agency Business + Reseller Review Coupon Code Discount By Karthik Ramani OTO Upsell Login Download

Linkable DFY Agency Business + Reseller Review Coupon Code Discount By Karthik Ramani OTO Upsell Login Download

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Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review- A Doorway To Have 6-Figure Agency Business


Linkable DFY Agency Bundle Deal (Save $132): Bundle Deal Includes Linkable DFY Agency Commercial FE + All OTO’S For Low One-Time Price (SAVE $132) + Use code ‘dfybundle50off‘ for a $50 discount

Front End (Main Product): Linkable DFY Agency Version Software by Karthik Ramani

UPSELL OTO 1: Linkable DFY Pro Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 2: Linkable DFY Agency Unlimited Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 3: Linkable DFY Template Club Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 4: Linkable DFY Business Agency + Reseller Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 5: Linkable DFY AppointOMatic Upgrade OTO

Social media is considered one of the most effective communication tools today. When platforms with billions of users every day help businesses reach the target group of customers as quickly as possible. The birth and development of social networks bring many benefits to businesses when they see an abundant source of free traffic if they know how to exploit it.

However, it can be noticed that social networks are dominated by celebrities or influencers. Businesses like to be forced to cooperate with them to be able to attract customers. Obviously, the cost of marketing and advertising is extremely expensive, and not every business can afford it.

So what direction for small and medium businesses? When they can make the most of the power of social networks without having to depend on others and moreover without spending too much money.

Today I will help you with a product called Linkable DFY Agency Edition, which is powered by the groundbreaking MSFD-tech. You can create high-converting mini web pages & bio link pages that resemble landing pages and sales funnels.

It allows you to display your product portfolio to your audience and much more. Now let’s find out how the complete version can help you make money from your bio link.


Product Linkable DFY Agency Edition

Creator Karthik Ramani

Front-End Price $32 – $34

Launch Date 11:00 EDT, 2022-August-24

Bonus Huge Bonuses at the end of the Linkable DFY Agency Edition review

Skill All Levels

Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee!

Niche Tools & Software

Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

Recommend Highly recommend!

Linkable DFY Agency Bundle Deal (Save $132): Bundle Deal Includes Linkable DFY Agency Commercial FE + All OTO’S For Low One-Time Price (SAVE $132) + Use code ‘dfybundle50off‘ for a $50 discount

Front End (Main Product): Linkable DFY Agency Version Software by Karthik Ramani

UPSELL OTO 1: Linkable DFY Pro Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 2: Linkable DFY Agency Unlimited Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 3: Linkable DFY Template Club Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 4: Linkable DFY Business Agency + Reseller Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 5: Linkable DFY AppointOMatic Upgrade OTO


Linkable DFY Agency Edition is first-to-market tech that creates profit-pulling ‘micro sales funnel directories’ without any tech skills that work for any niche! This is the only app you ever need to build a brand, become an authority in your niche & monetize your social media followers with perks like.

Create profit-generating micro sales funnel directories and monetize social media followers in just 3-easy steps:

STEP 1: Create a profile as per your preferences

STEP 2: Select a matching theme and template

STEP 3: That’s it! Customize as per your requirements and publish.


The creators of this big launch are Karthik Ramani, who is a specialist in the digital marketing field. Karthik Ramani has Internet Marketing experience more than 15 years. Over this period, he has launched many excellent products helping tons of marketers, biz owners, and others overcome many issues. He has made his presence felt on the Warrior Plus marketplace over the past few years and always had a flair for technology and that reflects in the launches that you may have heard of: Competeup, Major Agency Tool, Cover Studio, ConvoBots, Retainio, ReplyTap, Agency Studio, Augment Suite, LocalCentric, Linkable.


This solution helps you include so many links in your bio on social platforms and enjoy better traffic, leads, sales and profits. This app helps you to build a brand, become an authority in your niche & monetize your social media followers with perks.

Watch how it works here:

Linkable’s Done-For-You Agency Edition is loaded with gorgeous templates that are specifically designed to sell services that you can offer using products you already own.



With Linkable, your users will finally be able to create fantastic profiles for each of their work profiles and impress audiences with content for killer engagements and more.


It will also be possible for your tribe to create so many pages under each created profile even without having any prior tech skills.


Your clan will also be able to have so many links under each page – the higher their number of links – the more will they have the opportunity to enjoy more leads and ROI.


DFY themes are already available that your users can choose as per their preferences and niches.


From Bio links to mini web templates, it will be possible for your users to use any of them and maximize their game.


Besides being able to choose available DFY templates, you can also start creating a fresh template from scratch as per your needs right inside this excellent app.


You can also set Meta and OG keywords for your pages to see how they display in search and when shared on social media platforms.


You can decide how your pages appear globally – from themes to background to different patterns and much more; you get to call the shots.


You get to add profiles and customize layouts, profile images, headlines and titles. You will also have the ability to add buttons with full-fledged options.


A user will also be able to either upload their own image or pick one of the millions of images available inside and even customize their width, radius, and CTA. This way, they can decide if they open in the same or a different tab.


It is also possible to add blocks from avatars to headlines to texts to banners to buttons and links to splitters to forms to media to text and more inside your campaign. Based on the types of blocks you add, it will be possible to redirect users to action as per your wish.


You will easily be able to customize your CTAs (Anchor Links) and headline, subtext, link, link BG, etc.


You can even add video blocks to autoplay and animate videos from YouTube and Vimeo and in formats like Mp4 and Webm. Adding video blocks will lead to many engagements because videos are one of the most consumed content types today.


You will be able to collect payments of up to $10K right inside the Linkable app because leading payment integrations like PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay are available.


You can now easily add headline & subscribe blocks to your Linkable Pages. The headline is a fully customizable text with all formatting options. Subscribe is nothing but a form to collect email leads and directly add them to your Autoresponder.


With Linkable, you will be able to create stunning image grids and images in different multiple columns on your page. You can upload your images from Pixabay, Unsplash, Youzign or even upload from your own computer.


You can even add Image carousels which are nothing but a collection of images viewed one at a time. Carousels are a popular format of content on social media. You can view the next image by clicking on the arrow.


With Linkable in just a click, you can cross-promote other social networks by linking your profile pages with social icons and getting followers across multiple social networks.


You can create bullet points with text using this block. The bullets can either be icons or images that you choose. A cool way to add lists to your Bio pages.


While you can add Videos & Images separately, this feature allows you to add Images and text or Video & Text together.


Testimonials bring credibility to pages. Inside Linkable, you can easily add Testimonials with a click of a button and fully customize it with text, image, and even alignment.


You can now take Appointment Bookings right from inside your Linkable Bio Pages. You can use AppointOMatic to create your calendar & availability & embed it right inside your Linkable Bio Pages.


Podcasts are a huge way to connect with your Audience. Now you can add your Podcast links right inside your Linkable Bio & Mini Pages.


Linkable gives you options to customize the look and feel of your page by allowing you to add splitters that will separate 2 sections. It can be plain or icon based and can be fully customized.


You can easily add frequently asked questions and their answers to convince your users about your offered services or products.


Adding the countdown timer so that you can run special deals up to a specific date and time will be super possible.


This is an important feature that allows visitors to directly get in touch with you on messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Email, Phone call, or even Discord. By clicking on these on your Bio page, users will be able to message you on the respective apps. Great way to generate leads.


You can share Linkable Bios in the form of QR codes. For instance, you can print it on your Business card or share the code online with anyone. The default scanning leads to your Bio Page while you can also set these to go to:

  • Website

  • SMS

  • Call

  • Whatsapp

  • Google Map

  • Coupon

For instance, when you set an SMS when someone scans the code, it will open their SMS app with a prefilled text and they can just hit send. Great way to bring people into SMS Funnels! It works similarly for Website, Call, Whatsapp, Google Maps.


Linkable seamlessly integrates with Pixabay and Youzign to empower you to access all high-quality images and other media right inside the module. Hence, you won’t need to sign on Pixabay and Youzign separately and waste your time.


It will be possible to know how your campaigns have been performing with data like – total clicks per profile, click-through rate per profile, and clicks on individual links per profile.


It is up to you to hide any block you don’t want to showcase without permission.


It will be possible to choose the slug name you wish to keep for your link.

On top of that, you’re getting valuable bonuses from the creator to maximize the results using Linkable DFY Agency Edition. (And don’t forget to check out the special bonuses from my team at the end of this Linkable DFY Agency Edition review)


=>Here is a complete version of Linkable.

With outstanding features such as allowing you to build your personal brand as well as help you insert all social networking links in your bio, Linkable DFY Agency Edition also provides you with more diverse templates.

You have everything to deal with social media platforms. If you find it too difficult to stand out among millions of accounts, then you need Linkable’s help. You will learn how to build a professional profile, what a bio needs to be, and how a page can attract many followers. How to choose the image or set the avatar to be as optimized as possible, this product will also tell you. Choosing your images from millions of them from online libraries integrated within this app. It’s totally free.

You see that this is the only way for you to make money from social networks without having to rely on influencers. A bio is like a mini web for your business. There the customer can find all the information. They can reach you with just one click.

Please choose the template that you feel is suitable, Linkable DFY Agency Edition really gives you a lot of different options.

2/ The shortcut to open your own empire.

Of course with the commercial license when you buy the product right on my site. All you have to do is too hungry buyers and help them build highly profitable outreach micro sales funnel directories using Linkable.

Obviously, people are looking for ways to monetize their social media followers and you will have the power and knowledge to help them. A huge file of customers is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate to join this promising and bustling road.


Linkable DFY Agency Bundle Deal (Save $132): Bundle Deal Includes Linkable DFY Agency Commercial FE + All OTO’S For Low One-Time Price (SAVE $132) + Use code ‘dfybundle50off‘ for a $50 discount

Front End (Main Product): Linkable DFY Agency Version Software by Karthik Ramani

UPSELL OTO 1: Linkable DFY Pro Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 2: Linkable DFY Agency Unlimited Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 3: Linkable DFY Template Club Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 4: Linkable DFY Business Agency + Reseller Upgrade OTO

UPSELL OTO 5: Linkable DFY AppointOMatic Upgrade OTO


As long as you are willing to follow step by step and take action simply, you have the chance to change your life, starting right now. I hope you take it. Simply click the button down below and you’ll get it for less than the price of a meal.

There are 2 options to buy, Basic and Commercial. In my opinion, you should get the Commercial plan because you can get more features & benefits while paying just $2 extra. For more information, look at the comparison table below:

Linkable DFY Agency Edition comes at such an affordable price but this doesn’t mean that it offers fewer functions than other apps. In other words, you are paying LESS for MORE:



Deeply Discounted At $297 (ONLY available during launch) then $297 A Year

  • Linkable DFY Agency Edition FE 

  • Access to All Upgrades of Linkable DFY Agency Edition (5 Upgrades below)

  • Access to All Bonuses & Upgrade Bonuses

  • Access to All Licenses

  • Low One-Time Price

  • Coupon Code dfybundle50off($50 OFF)

In case you would like to take a look at the separate upgrades, below are the full details of each one:

OTO 1: LINKABLE PRO – ($37 – $57)

You need this pack to unlock many more pro features and even supercharge their effort to enjoy more traffic, leads, sales, and ROI. It is a must for everyone looking to extract more out of Linkable. Here’s what’s included inside this pack:

  • Schedule blocks to go live at a selected time.

  • Schedule links to go live at any pre-decided time.

  • Showcase and hide blocks as per your time preferences.

  • Highlight priority content.

  • CName Mapping with the accessibility to point URL to your own domain.

  • Choose unique template designs for each page under a profile.

  • Link policing to open with only secret codes.

  • Ability to save as a template.

  • Clone page.

  • Advanced analytics – most clicked – total revenue earned and much more revealed.

  • Additional fonts are made accessible.

  • Equipped with priority support.

  • Loaded with Google Pixel, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pixel and many more social pixel codes.

  • Create your own custom field in forms to collect country, birthday, and other credentials.


This pack is what your tribe needs if they want to cut loose and never miss a chance to target every user without worries. The highlights of this module include:

  • Come up with unlimited profiles.

  • Create unlimited pages.

  • Include unlimited links inside each unlimited created page.

  • Comes with the unlimited Commercial Payment Collection without any transaction charges at all.

  • Remove tool branding.


It is one of the most advanced packs of Likable that lets your users access all spectacular features, such as:

  • Ability to access 200 categories/niche-based templates comprising Bio and Mini Web.

  • Comes with 20 animated templates.

  • Loaded with 20 additional themes.

  • Ability to place custom template request options up to 3 templates.

  • Template Club Membership – access 10 templates every month for the next 1 year.

  • Template marketplace to create and sell templates – gives your subs the option to submit and add their payment links and directly collect payments from their users.

  • Exclusive template creation training to help your clan come up with winning ones.


This Linkable pack unlocks excellent features to help your subs start their own agency or even resell this hot software. They are getting so much, like

  • Add unlimited team members.

  • Add unlimited client accounts.

  • Custom logo branding for clients made possible.

  • Separate client login.

  • Manage different client accounts.

  • Submit for review mode available.

  • Client comment option and notifications.

  • Client approval mode.

  • Comes with a DFY Agency website.

  • DFY one-link model agency profile.

  • DFY sales videos to start selling one-link services

  • Access 5 high-converting email swipes.

  • Attention-grabbing and number crunching FB ads for the service.

  • Access high-quality DFY phone scripts.

  • DFY client contract to look professional.

  • DFY client presentations made available.

  • DFY agency logo accessibility.

  • DFY onel-ink portfolio.

  • Create and sell 250 Commercial and Pro accounts.

  • Access end-to-end DFY sales materials that are free to replicate and use.


The most powerful interactive Appointment Booking System on the planet that boosts leads & conversions for any niche by 3x!

  • Create high-converting appointment booking pages/ forms/ funnels for any niche easily.

  • Get a personalized booking link & build your brand.

  • Add video to your appointment pages to gain maximum eyeballs.

  • Boost sales with integrated payment gateways via PayPal & Stripe.

  • Schedule one-on-one & group event meetings in just a few clicks.

  • Meeting notifications for meetings and cancellations.

  • Creates appointment booking pages in any local language.

  • Comes with a Commercial License allowing you to start a 6-figure appointment services business.


There is one thing that you absolutely must get right with Linkable DFY Agency Edition if you want to make use of social media to earn money. This app reveals and shows you how to do this in the easiest and most effective way.

When social media marketing is done right it can seriously enhance their profits! You can be involved with Linkable if you are:

  • Digital Marketing Agency

  • Info-Product & Course Creators

  • Copywriting Service Providers

  • Affiliate Marketing & MMO

  • Bloggers & Content Creators

  • Dentist/ Doctor & Healthcare Professional

  • eCommerce Store Owner

  • Plumber/ Electrician/ Cleaner etc.

  • Yoga Trainer

  • Local Cafe & Quick Service Restaurants

  • Social Media Marketers

  • Lawyers & CA Professionals



  • No more worrying about including only a single link on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Clubhouse, TikTok, Pinterest

  • No more trying out other 1-link in bio software/ platforms and continue spending through your nose

  • No more waiting to enjoy supersonic traffic, leads, sales, and profits out of every profile, or pages

  • No more waiting to maximize profits in any niche

  • No more confusing your subs’ users with ultra-fast check-out experiences

  • You don’t need a landing page building or funnel-building experience for that

  • You don’t need to invest in page builders or funnel builders

  • You don’t need any technical skills or designing skills to build these engaging mini web pages & bio link pages

  • You don’t need to go through those unending learning curves

  • Comes with high-converting mini web pages & bio link pages templates that are suitable for every niche

  • It allows you to customize these templates as per your needs using the easiest drag-n-drop editor


It is none.


I will conclude my review here, thank you for checking my words till the end. You just need to buy this product and that’s all, wait for the good results to come. I will not introduce a product that will be of no avail. If you don’t make money from affiliate marketing now, when will you start to do it?



Today, I’m going to show you how to get the most out of your social media accounts, and not only that, because you can use this item in a variety of ways. Today, I’ll be looking at linkage, which is a brand-new platform that allows you to create mini touchdown pages, which is a really cool software. Before I reveal anything on the inside, I’d like to point out that there’s a link in the video’s summary. It’ll take you to my website, where you can learn more about linkable below. You can see everything that’s included in the package.

and so forth, as well as these extra upgrades. If you get linkable through my link, for instance, video finals is a really cool cloud-based software that allows you to create video funnels that are linked to each other, where you can also set up those fantastic call to actions where your visitors can send audio or video clip messages or text, you’ll get this app totally free, along with video clip web pages.

This is an additional video clip item that allows you to create video pages with multiple videos on one page. This is ideal for training programs, fitness instructor sales, video clips, and other similar items. Also, super cool. Simply take a look at all those bonuses on this page; you’ll get them for free, as well as when you scroll down, you’ll see the funnel and the prices, as well as, as you can see here, linkable starts at 34 dollars and also includes a Package deal, so yep, let’s examine this, and also let me reveal to you exactly what linkable is all about so today, I’m visiting this is the control panel, and within this control panel, you can c So, let me show you a few of those landing pages so you can see what linkable can do.

As a result, I’m currently opening four new pages, including this one. So this is about, uh, photography, and as you can see right here, this website was created specifically for a professional photographer. So it’s a landing page, and all you’ll get is one link to add to your social media profiles, where you can put everything on one page. Let’s say you’re running an Instagram business. You simply share a single web link to a page where people can sign up for your e-newsletter, view your job posting, or sign up for a free webinar.

This is a fantastic one as well. I really like this layout, which includes links to individual training groups, fitness courses, and various rate plans, among other things. So, first and foremost, let me show you something else. I created this one. So this is exactly my type of benefit page.

4 linkable, as shown below, get linkable right here, get the bundle deal, and see the free upgrades once more here. As a result, I created a linkable page with a quiet cinema. So, when people scroll in, they’ll see something like this, and you’ll have a frequently asked question that you can include in your web pages in the form of images, text, and other elements. Please take note of my social media sites accounts as my personal or associate. These web pages are incredibly simple to make, and I’m able to link to them right now.

You can also add multiple accounts to linkable. As you can see on the right, I created multiple accounts, so you can see tim Devon and the infinity layout. So, see what happens when I switch to Devon right now. All of these pages are of diverse types. I’d like to change my style to infinity.

You can see a variety of other designs right here, so you can create a variety of profiles to ensure that you can easily create pages for various other businesses, and what it just showed you was on full screen. However, when you look at the sites below, let me open up the back here, so this is a full screen, but all of these pages are designed for mobile. Let me browse over the display below, as you can see. Do you notice how nice this appears on mobile? If so, you’re actually developing those mobile web pages first, and then seeing how they look on a desktop computer. So let me enlarge my screen once more and then show you how to build those pages. First, you’ll choose which profile you want to create those pages in, and then you’ll just click this link to create a new web page, where you can select from a variety of themes, as you can see on the left side.

There are a variety of templates available. These are the bio themes, however you can also create small web layouts. So, let’s say you want to design an event and want a micro bio arrangement. Then have a look at this. You have two design templates to select from, and when you click this design template, your website is nearly finished, and you may edit every element on this little landing page.

As you can see, this is a small landing page that you can share on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. So there are only four switches below, and anything in here may be changed. Your website will be ready when you publish this. As a result, this will undoubtedly be unique. As you can see when we go to this page.

On a desktop computer, this is what the web page looks like. Now you know the differences between the two types of people. So, in between the biography topics, let’s build a new web page. This is especially true on mobile devices, as well as with the tiny internet template. Currently.

We’re going to start over from the beginning so you can see how it works. So you simply click “return to square one,” and you can now begin creating your website and adding additional characteristics. So, as you can see on the left side here, when I click on here, I can add brand-new blogs. What you may include in your pages, such as your avatar, a banner, a button web link, a call, a commonly asked question, a call, a heading photo: slide carousel image, create a checklist team, media and also text charges, social media networks. So your plan is simple.

You simply click on the avatar and it appears at the top. It adds your photo automatically, and because I have a gmail address, it reidentifies my picture as well. But if I want to replace it, I may do it here by choosing my own avatar and typing my own name in the box below. So, rather of tapering out, I can say tim vidao, and I’m starting to develop my pages and everything right now. Oh, I apologize for not saving this, but please allow me to re-add this: avatar tim vidao.

My recording window was blocking it. So, let me save this boom. So, right now, you have the option of adding as many new blocks as you want. So, let’s say I want to make a banner or a movie. Let’s say I can claim in the headline below: good linkable review, therefore I’m going to show you exactly how I made those pages that I just showed you.

Simply choose the text in the box below, center it, and then change the typeface, size, and other options. You can also attempt some more difficult tasks. As you can see, I’m currently scrolling down. You can also highlight some material, which means you can jump about and do things like that. You can either bounce or pulse the text here.

As a result, this is far superior for switching. If you do pulsing, for example, which I’m not going to do today, you can also include some basic space between some blocks, which I’ll show you later, and then you can choose from various typefaces and other options. So I like the pop-ins because they are always fonts, and then you save them and start adding new blogs. So, if you want to include a video clip blog, just scroll to the video clip blog site, click it, and you’ll be able to include a video clip link. Assume you want to upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox.

In this scenario, I would like to create a YouTube video. So what we’re going to do is go to YouTube and copy a link address from one of those video clips, then return and paste that web link straight into this box. As you can see, there’s a video clip on your page that shows how to easily add new blocks. So, if you’re looking for a splitter, I always recommend the white splitters. That’s something you can do, too.

Colors, size, an icon, a splitter, and adding additional blocks are all extremely simple. So bear with me as I add another message. So please allow me to claim my unique incentives here, and then please allow me to facility this once more, and then I’ll do this 48 pixels. Pixels! Oh, 48! This is now a bit too big.

As a result, I’m probably going to do 36. Yes, I’m going to do this bolt and possibly a little less than 28. Good! Look at this boom, my reason bones, and we’re going to be moving a little faster now. As a result, a banner will most likely be placed underneath.

So you can choose a banner and say, “OK, let’s say I want to use one of these photographs that I have in here for the video web sites,” and then you’ll click, “OK, include and expand there.” It is, and those new blocks can be added easily. As a result, switches can be used. So, if you want to add a switch, get it right here, and you can also put your link https and then, for example, oh https, that’s not nice https, and you can change everything.

You can see that this is a blue button if you scroll down. Let’s pretend you wish to make this a different colour. You can also do that, after which you can just hit save and add your next block. If you want to add another image, simply click banner again and choose your banner. You choose your other image, and you also have the option of using pixabay or splash.

In this scenario, if you’ve linked your account to linkable, I’ll just pick another one. This is the second benefit, and we’re going to hit save, and I can do another swap, for instance. Let me save this and add another switch below, as you can see. As you can see, everything happens so quickly. You can quickly construct such pages and then hit the save button.

The good thing right now is that you have to include your link, like https,, and then I’m going to hit save. The fantastic part is that you can also set things up so that when you want to schedule this button, you can do so, and this is just one of the upgrades, by the way, I have the professional variation below. However, when you click on inventive attributes in this section, you can do so right now. Please allow me to look for it.

Second, you’ll see that this timetable button says routine. Switches can also be programmed to appear. Let’s imagine you have a sign up form on your website and you want it to display on the date that people can begin registering. You can say that I’d like this switch to appear on the 25th of this month. For instance, you can use that, and then this button or the signup form will only be available for that precise period.

Also, as with the buttons, you can perform a few additional things. When you have a button, please save this one for me. I like this additional option in the lower right corner, which is comparable to the pulse option. As you can see, it’s currently pulsing this switch to draw a little more attention to it. So, as I just stated in those blocks, you can incorporate all of those things here. So there’s a lot more to it, which is why I showed you some sample web pages at the start so you could see what you can add to your own.

So, for example, when I return to my page, something that I particularly enjoy is scrolling down this web page that I produced below. This button is noticeable. It, too, sways. You’re aware that it generates pulses on my page, but if you scroll down, you’ll see an example below, as well as the additional bonus offerings, which you can check out here. On your web page, you also have a great slider.

You can also include those, as well as umm faq questions and so on. Producing those points is quite simple, and once you’ve finished, you may begin releasing your page right now. The pro upgrade under the account configurations is a fantastic feature, and it is also one of the upgrades. When you click this link, you will be taken to a page where you may learn more about You can also host this on your own domain, which allows you to create many profiles and run web pages on separate domains for each profile.

So, when I go to Devon’s account configurations, I can create another cname and add it to another domain by going to the profile pages. So I can effortlessly build out those web pages for customers and then add them to their own domain or subdomain by changing the c names in the account settings, and this makes it a very great gadget to utilize as a commercial product to create pages for clients, as you can see right here. Allow me to show you a couple more. These are also linked, as you can see below. These sections, as well as the frequently asked question sign-up form and social network profiles, appear to me to be very wonderful.

As you can see, this is a landing page for a coffee company. They’re quite easy to make. Those were not my ideas. I just copied and saved those design templates, demonstrating how simple it is to create those web sites currently within those pages. You can also make this a main web page within an account. This is something you can do.

You’ve got a few connections. So adding settlement buttons is another option within the home builder. So you may also view take care of orders on the left side. So, if you click on take care of orders once you’ve added your payment information to linkable, you’ll notice that all of your orders, as well as all of your options, are listed chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier So we have orders, analytics, leads, and my contacts, and you may choose the account from the list below.

So, if I say I want to see the orders for Devon’s web pages, for example, for the page unfailing band, you can see the exact number of sales that have come in for that specific web page, and if you want to see the other page for coffee rico, you simply choose that page and you will see all the orders that have come in for that specific page on Devin’s account. In this section, you can change the profiles. So the analytics are the same. When I go to the analytics, I get a lot of information. This is my biography page, as you can see.

When I go to my ideal assistance plan, for example, I can check how many visits I got. This is the one I’m talking about. This is me, so you can see if it’s a desktop or a smartphone. If so, what type of browser are you using, and can you see the general special views? You can set a day range where you can monitor those stats, and you can do so for each and every page.

So, for example, I can see fine uh my linkable review. There are four points of view that I hold: I have 17 views in total. So, here is me again, but I’m just showing you the metrics for each page and account. So I can also go to Devon in the list below and check all of Devon’s web page metrics. Simply select them, and the same principle applies to leads. When someone joins linkable.

All of your leads will be saved here, and you’ll be able to attach your autoresponder here as well. You may also choose your profile from right here. So, let me clarify that I want to look at every lead on devin’s rock solid band web pages. If there is a registration form, for example, all leads will very definitely be included here as well, and the same is true for the contacts below. Here you may see all of the contacts associated with a specific profile, and we also got the integrations. As a result, you can use PayPal Stripe to boost your earnings.

If you link to those, you can add those repayments to your web pages and small web pages as well. You can connect to webinars and connect all of those to autoresponders. So we have a weber energetic campaign, get action, eye contact, mailchimp, mailer, light sending out blue, and sand lane, and then if you have a using account, you can link it as well, to ensure that the images that you created are used within your Pages – which is essentially what linkable is all about, as you can see. Just. Choose one of the layouts from the drop-down menu if you want a small web theme. If you want furniture, go to this page, click it, and it grows, and your page is ready, and you can also view how it looks on a desktop in the right here.

So this is the desktop version, with some additional options within. What I haven’t shown yet are the page options, which allow you to customize your own sleek. So, if you don’t want to brand this on your own domain or if you do, you can change the url in here to anything you want, something similar to this, and then this page will be the page that this page is published on. You can also enter some SEO parameters here. Summary of the title, gentle and kind.

If this website contains sensitive content, you can accept it or add a disclaimer to your website stating that visitors must agree to it, as well as retargeting codes to your hats and body. You may do that as well, and if you’ve already created your web page and want to change the appearance, you can do so by clicking the appearance switch in here and then on the right side. You can change the font styles that are used on your site, or if you don’t like the background color, you can change it to a slope color, for example, if you want it to look like this, you can pick radial straight or different kinds of gradients from the top. If you want it from the very beginning. You can change that or add a picture as a background using the facility.

You can also choose a different style for this website if you don’t like anything about it. So, if you say, “OK, one of these styles appeals to me,” you simply pick one and it will be added to this information page. This motif has been employed, as you can see, and you must definitely adjust the font style dimension. So you simply decide on the typeface size or the font hues in right here, hit save, and now you may examine it and it appears fantastic. On a desktop computer, it’s straightforward to view.

This is how it appears on the desktop right now, and you can see how simple it is to link. This software is one of my favorites because it is so simple to use. You can also make a copy of the duplicate web pages in the section below. This is only one improvement. So, let’s go to my page. If you go to my page or click the web link in the description of this video, you’ll see this page with all the information, as well as my bonuses when you scroll down.

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