Company Registration In Poland

Company Registration In Poland

Company Registration In Poland

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Company Registration In Poland

In the European Union, Poland is the fifth-largest member. It has different business hubs and centers. Poland is also a highly populated member state of the European union. This makes company registration in Poland more beneficial. In Poland, Warsaw is a commercial and economic hub which attracts many investors to invest for company formation in Poland.

Poland has introduced new corporate tax policies which affect the year 2019. Business entities with annual corporate income of 1.2 million EUR are required to pay tax as per this scheme and also they are required to maintain 33% income revenues only.

In Poland, many technological opportunities are emerging which can be used to test different types of products with the help of innovative methods. More investors are attracted to these areas for investments in terms of research and development. These areas also received tax incentives from the government for carrying out and forming different types of businesses and their operations.

There are many other benefits for registration in Poland of different structures or forms such as cheap labor, manufacturing activities. In this article, we will see about the registration process, benefits, document requirements, tax schemes, and other related topics.

Benefits Of Registering A Company In Poland

The four major benefits of registering a company in Poland are as follows: –

Cheap labor

This is one of the major benefits of registering a company in Poland. In Poland, you can find workers on an average of EUR 10 per hrs. This is one of the reasons to choose Poland as the best suited destination for registering a company in Poland. 

Manufacturing hub

One of the largest manufacturing hubs of the European Union is Poland. For many investors in the automobile sector or in the manufacturing sector, Poland is the best suited destination. In addition to that, Poland also provides assembling services and export of the assembled products throughout the European Union. Such aircraft assembly lines operations of Poland are most preferred by many aircraft-based companies.

Tax incentives

In Poland, the government also provides tax incentive schemes for corporate units. It has introduced new corporate tax policies which affect the year 2019. Under this scheme, a corporate entity having an annual corporate tax of EUR1.2 million is under the purview of tax. These entities must have less than 33% of revenues income.
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