Cognigen [#1 Premium Brain Booster Capsules] Improving Mental Clarity And Ability To Focus(Spam Or Legit)

Cognigen [#1 Premium Brain Booster Capsules] Improving Mental Clarity And Ability To Focus(Spam Or Legit)

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Cognigen Brain Booster

• Product Name - Cognigen Brain Booster

• Side Effects - No side effects reported by the users so far (100% Natural)

• Main Benefits - Improves Memory And Recall, Helps Clear Oxidative Stress ETC.

• Category - Brain Probiotic (Tablets)

• Results - In 30 Days

• Customer Reviews - Users are highly satisfied by the product (5/5)

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What Is Cognigen Brain Booster?

With a registered office in Leeds, England and distributing its supplements worldwide, Roar Ambition has won the trust of the consumers for the quality of its products.
It has an extensive range of products, all designed to offer maximum benefits to the user.

Cognigen Brain Booster is a natural nootropic supplement promising to help you perform at your best, in every area of your daily life stressing you out until now.

With its enhanced composition of twenty vitamins and nootropic ingredients, this particular supplement ensures an extra mental advantage to help you increase your productivity.

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What does a nootropic supplement do?

Nootropic supplements - like Cognigen Brain Booster in our case, work in a natural way, by feeding the brain and central nervous system with beneficial nutrients.

These nutrients - amino acids and vitamins, powerful nootropic herbs and beneficial trace elements - offer powerful antioxidant action, high protection and enhanced repair capacity to brain cells.

In addition, they stimulate the production of more neurotransmitters and boost the cognitive functions while at the same time they promote the production of the hormones of joy creating in the user a pleasant feeling of happiness, peace and tranquility.

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Cognigen Brain Booster Key ingredients and action

Even a quick look at the Cognigen Brain Booster composition will leave you speechless.

Undoubtedly, the label of this particular supplement is one of the most impressive found in the global legal nootropic supplement market today.

We even already recognize some ingredients with a strong scientific background.

Therefore, let's take a closer look at some of these ingredients and their action, as revealed through scientific evidence and clinical research.


Citicoline has the ability to increase choline levels in the brain, considered a type of vitamin B by nutritionists and an essential chemical for general health.

It offers a strong neuroprotective effect and increases neurotransmission.

Improves cognitive functions and provides protection.

It helps reduce neurological damage of any kind and promotes cerebral blood flow for receiving the necessary nutrients and sufficient oxygen.

Maritime Pine Bark

Maritime Pine Bark extract is extremely beneficial, especially for a specific chemical compound contained, the Pycnogenol, which has been shown to act protectively in cells and enhance the good functioning of the brain.

Due to its abundant antioxidant elements, Maritime Pine Bark protects brain cells from damage, while with a combination of vitamins C and E it promotes their regeneration.

Scientific evidence demonstrates a significant improvement in cognitive function by taking supplements of this particular herb.
Enhanced focus and clearer thinking.


L-Theanine is a type of amino acid, highly necessary for many neurological and biological processes in the body.

It increases the brain's ability to produce dopamine, thus helping to improve mood dramatically.

In fact, L-Theanine has the potential to provide effects similar to those of some anti-depressant medications.

It also sharpens memory, stimulates focus, and increases learning ability.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Mushrooms with strong medicinal/healing properties - such as the Lion's Mane Mushroom – are considered promoting the nerve and brain health.

Lion's Mane Mushroom achieves significant cognitive enhancement and a remarkable nerve growth factor helping to slow down the ageing process of the brain.

Sharpens the memory and increases the ability to focus.


It is a key component of Ayurvedic Medicine, belongs to the adaptogenic herbs and has been known mainly for its aphrodisiac properties.

However, the excellent herb Ashwagandha also promotes the stimulation of cognitive functions of the brain.

It fights stress, increases the ability to focus and promotes "clear" thinking.

It boosts the levels of choline in the brain, an important neurotransmitter determining the performance of the brain's cognitive functions.

In addition, it promotes the repair of various brain neuron injuries.

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Cognigen Brain Booster - Benefits

On the official website of the Cognigen Brain Booster supplement, they list six main benefits of using it.

This powerful nootropic supplement offers significant benefits that are worth looking at in a little more detail. Here they are.

Enhanced memory

One of the main reasons most people use nootropic supplements is to boost memory.

The amount of information charging our minds every day increases the need for the use of a "strengthening" supplement.

Improving memory helps us to function much faster and efficiently with whatever we are dealing with.

Enhanced focus

Focus is everything in a demanding daily life where time comes after us.

Constant distraction makes you less efficient and affects your psychology.

Taking a powerful nootropic like Cognigen Brain Booster, promising improved focus is extremely beneficial for every modern man.

From student and worker to housewife and athlete.

Elevated mood

One way to achieve improved cognitive functions is to ensure calm and mental balance for your organism.

Emotional fluctuations always play a negative role in a person's concentration, memory and overall cognitive performance.

Happiness is the "key" to increased productivity and improved performance in every area of life.

Increased Energy

Energy is necessary especially if you are dealing with a tiring and stressful everyday life, full of commitments and problems requiring an immediate solution.

It has happened to you many times to feel physically and mentally "empty", without energy and strength.

The more energy you have, the better you perform.

With the help of anhydrous caffeine, the Cognigen Brain Booster supplement provides you with that extra stimulation and boost needed, to last from morning to night and be just as efficient.

Enhanced creativity

Creativity is not only about visual expression. On the contrary, it is vital for solving all kinds of problems.

The "open mind" helps to avoid barriers to thinking and opens up new horizons for you.

Creativity is a cornerstone of progress and self-improvement.

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Cognigen Brain Booster - Dose

The recommended daily dose of the Cognigen Brain Booster is - as defined by its manufacturer – four capsules per day.

To get the best cognitive benefits, the ideal way to take it is in two doses during the day.

More specifically, it is recommended to take two capsules in the morning with breakfast and another two capsules at lunch with the meal.

Very important to achieve everything promised by Cognigen Brain Booster pill, is consistency in its administration.

It is good not to forget and not to skip doses.

The use of the nootropic should be daily to yield the expected benefits.

Overdose and side effects

In general, the Cognigen Brain Booster supplement has not been associated with any contraindications or side effects at all.

Most of the side effects reported by its users have to do with misuse of the supplement and overdose.

The recommended dose is a maximum of four capsules per day.

Under no circumstances, you should exceed this dose.

After all, there is no additional benefit to an increased dosage, only risks.

An overdose of Cognigen Brain Booster can be highly toxic to the liver.

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Cognigen Brain Booster – is it safe to use?

Yes. We can say with absolute certainty that the Cognigen Brain Booster formula is a completely safe and completely effective choice.

Cognigen Brain Booster - is completely honest and "transparent" with the ingredients (and their dosages) used to create this powerful brain-enhancing supplement.

If you are already taking medication or suffer from a serious medical condition, we recommend that you talk to your doctor before taking Cognigen Brain Booster (as well as any other supplement).

This is recommended so interactions do not occur with the herbs in the supplement.

Caution is also required if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For example, passion flower extract, although a completely safe ingredient, can in some cases cause contractions in the uterus and lead to miscarriages.

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Where to Order And Buy Cognigen Brain Booster?

If you’re ready to enhance your cognitive abilities today, then you need to head to the official website and get your bottle of Cognigen Brain Booster while supplies last.

These are the Cognigen Brain Booster costs which decline while getting more units simultaneously:

Cognigen Brain Booster 1 Bottle. This is ideal for anyone that wishes to try out the product before investing too much into it. It offers a single bottle for USD 67(1 Month Supply)

● Cognigen Brain Booster 3 Bottles. This package is better suited for anyone that wants a bit of a mix of quantity and price. It offers three bottles at a reduced cost of USD 53.60 each.(3 Month Supply)

Cognigen Brain Booster 6 Bottles. This is a package that is designed for long-term minded users. It offers 6 bottles at the cost of just USD 46.90 each.(6 Month Supply)


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Final Thoughts

There’s not much more to say about Cognigen Brain Booster. It’s one of the best cognitive enhancers on the market, with proven ingredients backed by actual science. Not to mention it is manufactured and sold by one of the most trusted names in the supplement industry.

Please keep in mind that this is certainly no Limitless pill. If you are experiencing serious memory problems, no supplement is going to correct your brain’s trajectory along the path of aging. However, at least some evidence available online suggests that this formula might help people improve cognitive function and memory retention.

If you’re someone who feels like you’ve lost your mental edge, need to improve your performance, or want to enhance your focus and productivity, you need to visit the official website of Cognigen Brain Booster and order your bottles of the #1 natural cognitive enhancer today!

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