What a lovely spring we've had in Canada!

What a lovely spring we've had in Canada!

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I've been in Canada for three months now. Immediately after coming, I took a part-time job in between productions, which I had to give up in order to take advantage of any prospects in Vancouver's film business. Holding a part-time work was a decent alternative for some additional income to pay the primary bills, and there were too many situations where I had to postpone shifts last minute due to short films that were presented to me at the last minute, and it wasn't fair to my company in the end. Fortunately, I have enough money in savings to afford my rent and everyday expenditures if I don't overspend. Get in Touch with Best Tourist visa consultants

The jobs are still periodic

One week may be spent with insanely long hours and little sleep, followed by weeks of doing everything. To be honest, it may be demanding on my time schedule and irritating when I don't know what to do with myself after days of sitting in cafes reading. But that is the sector I selected for myself, and all I have to do now is keep going until the work become more regular and days off seem enjoyable rather than frustrated.The good news is that with all of this free time, I was able to take a two-week vacation. I know it's very early in my time in Canada, but my mum (who also works in the film business in India in the HR department) will have so many events lined up later this year that we weren't sure if we'd be able to see each other before Christmas. Years later, I would fantasize about stepping into the studio every morning and working on a TV programme with creative and brilliant individuals. I fantasized about establishing a new universe that would provide families the same delight that shows had given me and my family. (I would strongly suggest the Warner Brothers studio tour to anybody visiting the Los Angeles area. I've done it four times already, and each time I've learned something new about what goes on behind the scenes.)


The writer has been working in Vancouver's film industry for three months now. She gives up her part-time job to take advantage of any prospects in the film industry. Fortunately, she has enough savings to afford her rent and everyday expenditures if she doesn't overspend.

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