Muschietti’s take on the quintessential superhero

Muschietti’s take on the quintessential superhero

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Muschietti desires the opportunity to direct Man of Steel 2, which has floated in a limbo for almost ten years. Muschietti’s Superman sequel would bring a tone similar to that of Richard Donner’s Superman, released in 1978. Hopeful and heroic, the film revolutionized the comic book movie industry — characteristics that Muschietti says he would have wanted to revive in his potential movie.

What Andy Muschietti Could’ve Brought To Man Of Steel 2

Muschietti’s take on the quintessential superhero would look little like its predecessor, directed by Zack Snyder. Snyder generally values long action sequences, a darker mood, and style; on the other hand, Muschietti doesn’t skimp out on visual spectacle, but lays equal emphasis on character definition, emotional depth, and humor. Muschietti would most likely bring a more balanced approach to Man of Steel 2, and potentially improve upon the mixed reviews that Man of Steel received.
Would A Hopeful Man Of Steel 2 Work?

Some critics and audiences were disconcerted with the serious tone Snyder introduced to the Superman franchise, considering it unfaithful to previous adaptations and the comic books themselves. Muschietti’s intention to emulate Donner’s original movie could mark a return to form and bring back the hopefulness beloved by fans, theme and atmosphere-wise. Henry Cavill’s internally conflicted Clark Kent/Superman could also be revamped and more reflective of the kind-hearted, protective, and righteous hero that readers and viewers know the character to be.

The status of Man of Steel 2 has been ambiguous for years and will stay so for the immediate future. Cavill announced his reprisal of the role and has cameos featured in Black Adam and The Flash; however, with DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran finalizing their multi-year plan, it’s unclear whether Cavill’s future — and the future of the hero himself — is set in stone, especially with the recent news that Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped. Perhaps once Muschietti’s The Flash hits theaters, his chances of advancing the Superman franchise will become more measurable.

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