Nervogen Pro Neuropathy Supplement Review: It is a SCAM!

Nervogen Pro Neuropathy Supplement Review: It is a SCAM!

Nervogen Pro Neuropathy Supplement Review: It is a SCAM!

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nervogen pro review

A supplement that will supposedly relieve any neuropathic pain by targeting a deep muscle in your back.

If you are suffering from any type of neuropathy and don't want to be subjected to additional psychological pain, then stay far away from Nervogen Pro by 'Kevin Miller.' 

This is because it is a scam and in this review, you are going to find out all you need to know about it. Please be careful to read this review to the end because it is one of the very few honest reviews you'll ever find about this supplement. So let's begin!

Nervogen Pro was launched in October 2020. According to Miller, this supplement is the 'natural' solution to neuropathic pain. 

He claims that this supplement is capable of reversing your neuropathic pain 'within days.'

Miller says that it took him almost killing his wife with an 'electric saw' in a fit of neuropathy-induced insanity to make this 'all-natural discovery' which he, of course, used to cure his severe neuropathic pain. 

Now you have the chance to join '47,896 other people and counting' who have used his 'inexpensive' method contained in his supplement to get permanent relief from their pain. 

No more expensive pills or other expensive procedures!

So how did he discover this miracle solution to neuropathic pain?

Backstory of Nervogen Pro Supplement

Kevin Miller begins by informing us that he has type 2 diabetes, which he was effectively controlling with doctor-recommended remedies. 

Or so he thought. One morning 4 years later, he suddenly got hit by 'a horrible throbbing pain' in his leg. 

He then spends several minutes in the video presentation telling us how much he suffered from the 'excruciating' pain and how it essentially drove him nuts. 

Of course, nothing he did to get rid of the pain worked. Not drugs, not herbs – heck, not even exercise therapy…

eventually, the frustrated and pain-crazed Miller decided to end it once and for all. 

So one morning when his wife was away, he went into his garage, picked up his electric saw, and was about to cut off his painful leg. 

Lucky for him, his wife suddenly appeared just in time to stop him but in the ensuing struggle for the saw, Miller accidentally cut her right cheek with it. 

That was when Miller realized how nuts he'd become. The next thing he knew, he was in a psychiatric hospital.

A month after discharge from the hospital, Miller returned to work at an unnamed university with his pain still unresolved. 

There, he met one 'Dr. Mason' who he describes as 'the Albert Einstein of neurological understanding' and the brain behind duloxetine, an antidepressant used to treat neuropathic pain. 

Apparently, Dr. Mason was conducting a top-secret research on neuropathy and wanted to use him as a test subject, to which he consents.

Long story short, Dr. Mason lectures him on the true cause of neuropathic pain (more on that in the next section). 

Then he begins to research and comes up with a 'formula', which he used on himself to permanently cure his neuropathy. 

He and Dr. Mason then turn this formula into a supplement called Nervogen Pro, which they now want you to buy.

Science Behind Nervogen Pro Supplement

According to this 'Dr. Mason', neuropathy has nothing to do with damaged nerves. 

Instead, neuropathy is 'a symptom of a hidden condition' involving one of the 'little known' muscles of the back. 

Specifically, Mason claims that the 'root cause' of practically all types of neuropathy is compression of the nerves of the spine by a 'tense' psoas muscle. 

He then goes on to claim that stress is the cause of tense psoas.

Miller claims that the psoas muscle 'is the deepest muscle' in the body and so no pain medications, topical creams or normal exercise can reach it in order to relieve the tension. 

Then a few moments later, he claims that he and Mason discovered after conducting research and contacting several experts that the best way of reaching the psoas muscle is 'through the mouth.' 

This begs the question: Aren't pain medications taken by mouth?

Anyway, Miller ends up claiming that the solution to neuropathy is to relieve the stress causing the psoas muscle to tense up and compress the nerves of your spine. 
And of course, his Nervogen Pro will effectively do that for you because of the ingredients it contains. Let's talk about them, shall we?

Ingredients of Nervogen Pro Supplement

The ingredients of Nervogen Pro neuropathy supplement include

Passiflower incarnate

Corydalis yanhuosuo

California poppy seed

Prickly pear

Marshmallow root
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