Supergirl Season 7 Without Melissa Benoist

Supergirl Season 7 Without Melissa Benoist

Supergirl Season 7 Without Melissa Benoist

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Supergirl season 7 without Melissa Benoist was apparently pitched by the showrunners but ultimately rejected by The CW. This October will mark the 10-year anniversary of the Arrowverse, which has become a major franchise for the network ever since Arrow premiered a decade ago. Following Arrow's debut, the Green Arrow drama launched multiple interconnected series that expanded the DC brand for Warner Bros. TV. While not a direct Arrow spinoff, Greg Berlanti was one of the creators behind Supergirl, which brought Kara Zor-El back to the small screen roughly four years after the conclusion of Smallville. Supergirl, which became the first major female-led DC TV show since the 1970s after Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman series, ran for six seasons from 2015 to 2021. Despite starting on CBS, The CW picked up Supergirl for season 2 after the former chose not to renew it for another year. While airing over 100 episodes, Supergirl season 6 became the show's final installment amid the pandemic, which caused several delays for the Arrowverse in general. The Supergirl series finale concluded with the Girl of Steel revealing her true identity to the world, allowing her to be free of living her dual identity. However, it appears Supergirl season 6 was initially not going to be the end of the series.


This past weekend (May 7-8) multiple Supergirl cast members attended the UK convention The Ultimates, which included panels with the actors. As it has been roughly a year since the DC drama came to a conclusion, the stars reflected upon their time on Supergirl. Jesse Rath, who portrayed Brainiac 5 from Supergirl season 3, shared some intriguing details about the show and a Supergirl season 7 that almost happened. An attending fan, @WelshDragonU, shared that Rath stated during the panel that Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner initially pitched The CW on Supergirl season 7 without Benoist herself. In the end, the network rejected the pitch, and Supergirl season 6 became the show's final year. While paraphrased, Rath's big reveal about a version of Supergirl season 7 without its lead star Benoist is definitely a surprise. Had it actually happened, the development would have been a first for the Arrowverse in continuing without a main lead. That said, a scenario in which Supergirl season 7 would have a shorter run is similar to what Arrow season 8 did, as Stephen Amell was willing to return for a 10-episode order. This is what is also being rumored for The Flash season 9, which is reportedly going to be the show's final season, though that has yet to be confirmed or denied by The CW.

The CW rejecting the idea for Supergirl season 7 without Benoist was likely a wise choice. No matter how many cast members appeared alongside Kara, Supergirl was always her show and therefore made sense to end with the Girl of Steel. Removing its titular character would have more than likely backfired on the Supergirl creative team, and perhaps have been a disappointing way to end the beloved series. A show like Batwoman pulled off a sudden lead character change after Ruby Rose exited after season 1 because it was very early on in the series, and Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder was able to come onboard during season 2 with relatively little disruption. However, a continuation of Supergirl without Kara after six seasons would have been a tough feat to pull off. Ultimately, The CW sticking with Supergirl season 6 as its final outing gave the series the end it deserved.

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