Dizo Watch 2 Review, The Best Smartwatch

Dizo Watch 2 Review, The Best Smartwatch

Dizo Watch 2 Review, The Best Smartwatch

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Dizo Watch 2 is the best smartwatch recommendation that you can have for IDR 500,000. Even though the price is relatively cheap, the specifications offered by this smartwatch are really not cheap. Everything you need, from detecting your heart rate to various kinds of sports, is provided.

With this offer, it's no wonder that Dizo Watch 2 is selling well in the marketplace. For those of you who are curious about the specifications of the Dizo Watch 2 smartwatch, here the author has summarized them in this article!

1. Compact and premium design

Design is the main attraction of Dizo Watch 2. This smartwatch looks very premium because it has compact dimensions, a large screen size, and a thin bezel. As for the body itself, Dizo Watch 2 uses materials made of metal. These features make this smartwatch look very sturdy and break-resistant.

For its own size, Dizo Watch 2 has dimensions of 258 x 38.8 x 12.2 mm and weighs 52.5 grams. Finally, the color variant for this smartwatch is available in classic black, dark green, mint green, silver gray, golden pink and ivory white.

2. Machine specifications support extreme activities

Turning to the engine specifications, Dizo Watch 2 is very powerful to support various kinds of extreme activities. This smartwatch is water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters, able to withstand extreme weather of 55 degrees Celsius, and many other capabilities.

Meanwhile, on the front, the Divo Watch 2 screen has a size of 1.69 inches, uses a TFT LCD panel, supports touchscreen, and has a screen brightness level of up to 600 nits. Don't forget to complete the sensor, Dizo Watch 2 has a heart rate sensor and blood oxygen sensor.

3. Complete features

Several features are provided by Dizo Watch 2, such as having many themes, connecting to smartphone devices, and many others. For those of you who like to exercise, this smartwatch also has 15 types of sports that can be detected. Guaranteed, deh, you can control it easily.

If it is already connected to an application on Android, the Dizo Watch 2 smartwatch can do more. Some of them are controlling the camera, viewing smartphone notifications, rejecting calls, controlling music, and many others.

4. Super durable battery life

Divo Watch 2 has a very durable battery life. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the battery getting low fast.

Equipped with a 260mAh capacity battery, Dizo Watch 2 is claimed to last up to 10 days. As for standby time, its durability is much longer, up to 20 days.

Turning to charging, Dizo Watch 2 uses a magnetic type charger. The manufacturer claims that this smartwatch can fully charge in just 2 hours. Really worth it, right?

5. Prices are very affordable

Lastly is the matter of price. As previously mentioned, this smartwatch sells for IDR 500,000, at IDR 540,000 to be precise.

Inside the box, you will get a Dizo Watch 2 unit, a charging cable, a warranty book, and a guide. It's very complete, right?

Dizo Watch 2 is the best smartwatch recommendation at a price of IDR 500,000. You don't need to doubt the quality because this smartwatch also provides a warranty of up to six months. Interested in buying it in early 2023?
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