EBStore Review - 80% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

EBStore Review - 80% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

EBStore Review - 80% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

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What Is EBStore?

EBStore is an innovative software that quickly creates a fully-functional ebook store and automatically populates it with 10,000 ebooks. With the increasing popularity of ebooks due to their ease of use, portability, and eco-friendliness, now is the perfect time to start your own online ebook store as a side business.

Building a stunning ebook store, however, has been a daunting task, as it requires purchasing multiple tools such as hosting, website builder, content builder, store design app, and more. Additionally, you have to source ebooks, set up payment and delivery systems, and manage inventory and sales.

Previously, you had three not-so-appealing options: build a store on Amazon and face fees, competition, and regulations; do everything yourself; or buy a subscription to a store builder. But now, there's a fourth option: EBStore. Get started with three simple steps:

Log in and watch the app create a fully-functional online ebook store loaded with 10,000+ ebooks in top-selling genres in under a minute.
Connect your preferred payment processor, create discount coupons, and add your own ebooks if desired.
Sell ebooks and collect payments.

Start your ebook store journey today with EBStore and benefit from the growing trend of reading ebooks on digital devices.

How Does It Work?

Start Your Online Ebook Store in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Log in and watch the app create a fully-functional store loaded with 10,000+ ebooks in top-selling genres within 60 seconds.
  2. Connect your preferred payment processor and create discount coupons, or add your own ebooks.
  3. Sell ebooks and collect payments. With the growing popularity of ebooks and the convenience of smartphones and tablets, now is the perfect time to start an online ebook store. EBStore makes it easy for you to take advantage of this trend and start selling ebooks in just a few minutes. Get started now!

EBStore Features

AI-powered: No technical or design skills required. The app generates, designs, and formats your ebook store with just one click.
Preloaded with 10,000+ ebooks in 100+ genres: Your store comes stocked with 10,000 ready-to-sell ebooks across various categories, and is optimized for mobile and tablet viewing.
Built-in content sources for blog posts: The platform includes 500+ pre-made content sources for adding blog posts, or you can create your own by inputting keywords.
Unlimited coupon creation: Quickly generate as many discount coupons as you desire and promote them via email or social media.
Multiple payment processors: Choose from 6 integrated payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, Authorize.net, Ideal, and Payza, for easy and secure transactions.
Free hosting and domain: Hosting and domain are included at no extra cost, so you can start your ebook store without any additional expenses.
24/7 premium support: Rely on their expert team for answers and assistance anytime, day or night.
Training and tutorials: The platform provides a wealth of articles, videos, and FAQs to help you become self-sufficient and resolve any issues quickly.

What EBStore Can Offer You

Create stunning online ebook stores with just one click, hosted on their fast servers without coding or hiring freelancers.
Sell unlimited ebooks to unlimited customers for unlimited profits. With over 10,000 best-selling ebooks in 100+ categories pre-loaded in your store.
Create your own ebook within the app. Simply copy-paste your text and images into their ebook maker module, and turn it into a sellable ebook with one click.
Manage all your customers and their purchases from a single dashboard.
Effortlessly integrate your preferred payment processor to start collecting payments.

EBStore Frequently Asked Questions

Is EBStore a cloud-based software? Yes, it is 100% cloud-based and accessible from anywhere via MAC, Windows, or mobile device.
Is EBStore popular with marketers? Yes, many marketers are using and loving EBStore. Read their feedback by scrolling up on the site.
Is there a monthly subscription fee for EBStore? Currently, no. But after the special offer ends, a monthly fee may apply. Currently, it is offered at a one-time cost.
What are the required experience and skills to use EBStore? None, it is beginner-friendly and automated, requiring no marketing or technical skills.
Is training and support included? Yes, step-by-step training resources and 24/7 technical support are included with your purchase of EBStore.


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