- Thailand's leading car buying and selling website 'transformed' through the merger of - Thailand's leading car buying and selling website 'transformed' through the merger of

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After merging, the new version of promises to bring a better experience, driving the automobile market in a positive direction.

Thailand is the country with the most developed car industry in the region. This is also the main car supply market for countries in the region. Therefore, the merger of two car buying and selling websites in the top of the Thai car market has become a major event, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign media.

Now, offers Thai consumers a more perfect car buying and selling website with many convenient features for both buyers and sellers at "Land of the Golden Temple".

Thailand is the most exciting auto market in Southeast Asia. Increasing demand for buying and selling tanks in recent years is the driving force for to merge with to create CHOBROD 2.0 with a new interface that focuses on three main factors: Variety, ease of use. use, convenient for users.

For customers who are in need of buying cars and want a quick, easy and comprehensive information search engine,'s new version is the website that can satisfy that comprehensively. Here, you will experience some new features such as:

  • Features save news: Allows users to return and easily save the news you are interested in.
  • Test drive registration feature : Help buyers have a chance to experience the reality, help you more confident in choosing to buy a car like that.
  • Live streaming with car dealers, so you can see the car you are interested in, and have access to promotions and deals of car dealers during the livestream.
  • Catch promotions , discounts, and gifts from car dealers on the website.

Not only that, also converges a team of experienced technicians and a team of professional customer care. Anyone who comes here is welcome and quickly resolves all problems. has a team of professional post moderators, ensuring that car sales are censored before being displayed on the website, making it easy to find a car you like without fear of fraud and comedy. be satisfied with your choice.

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