Judge Vivian Polania was suspended for showing up in a virtual trial half-bare

Judge Vivian Polania was suspended for showing up in a virtual trial half-bare

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Judge Vivian Polania was suspended for showing up in a virtual trial half-bare

A Colombian judge who was caught hosting a court case half-naked vowed she'll be "back soon".

Judge Vivian Polania was suspended from her duties in November 2022 after she conducted a hearing in what appeared to be her underwear with a cigarette in hand.

And now the judge has told her fans not to "miss her" and urged haters to hear her side of the story as she promises an imminent return.

Posting screenshots of Spanish-language articles written about her to Instagram, she said: "I hope you read my story before believing what some people like!! The gossip!! Don't miss me so much I'll be back soon!!!"

In a separate post, the stunning judge, 34, could be seen lying on a bed in a matching red lace lingerie set revealing her rear end.

"And they are natural," she captioned the post, followed by two purple devil emojis.

Fans had a lot to say about the raunchy posts, with one writing: "In her profession she may be very talented but she clearly has an emotional vacuum which needs the opinion of others even knowing that she is an attractive woman."

Meanwhile, another countered: "Beyond a pretty face, a good body, an intelligence for cases in the judicial stages, there is a great human being, who needs to be understood and valued."

Polania's initial three-month suspension period ended in February of this year, but it is unclear whether she has returned to her legal duties yet.


She was prevented from practicing her job after she was seen lying in a bed in what looked like her underwear on a Zoom call while overseeing a hearing about a car bombing aimed at an army brigade.

An investigation into her behaviour revealed Polania kept her camera off for nearly an hour during the hearing.

When she turned it on, seemingly by accident, it showed her lying in bed in what was described as a "deplorable" state and was "disheveled with sleepy eyes" while smoking a cigarette.

A report published after the incident also claimed she slurred her speech.

A lawyer at the hearing then informed Polania that her camera was on, prompting her to hastily switch it off again.

The raunchy clip of the hearing quickly went viral, prompting the investigation into her behaviour.

A disciplinary panel's lengthy 16-page ruling read: "Such a situation is not consistent with the care, respect and circumspection with which a judge of the republic must administer justice, denoting a clear lack of respect from the official."

Polania denied she was half-naked following the scandal and said she had to lie down during the hearing because she had had an anxiety attack and suffered low blood pressure before adding she was overworked, causing her mental health to plummet.

She also accused the other judges in Cúcuta, where she works, of bullying her after they threatened her with disciplinary action based on the way she dressed.
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