No Way Home’s Aunt May Send Off Has A Secret Double

No Way Home’s Aunt May Send Off Has A Secret Double

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Happy Hogan's send-off for Aunt May in Spider-Man: No Way Home has a double meaning given Jon Favreau's history with MCU as both director and actor. After Spider-Man's sacrifice in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the sendoff Peter gives at Aunt May's gravesite has a hidden layer of meaning. The wildly successful film received rave reviews and left audiences unable to forget the web-slinging hero despite any spells slung by Doctor Strange. No Way Home's finale signals an uncertain future for Spider-Man in the MCU but marks the end of an era that's been traced through multiple Marvel phases.

Though Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) and May (Marisa Tomei) break up at the beginning of No Way Home, Peter (Tom Holland) and May spend the majority of the film living in Happy's apartment as a sort of safe haven while the world is out to get the newly unmasked Spider-Man. Due largely to May's influence on him, Peter tries to rehabilitate villains from other universes. In the process, May is attacked by Green Goblin and ultimately dies, at last giving the MCU's version of Peter Parker a traditional Spider-Man origin story. One of the film's final scenes has Happy and Peter running into one another at May's gravesite and sharing a moment of commiseration in sending her off.

Peter visits May's grave to send her off and Happy Hogan appears to be there doing the same thing, Happy's presence at the site speaks to something deeper. Jon Favreau has played Happy since Iron Man in 2008, a film he also directed. Happy would go on to play a supporting role in all three MCU Spider-Man films, as well as all three Iron Man movies and Avengers: Endgame. With the MCU, including Happy, now having forgotten Peter Parker is Spider-Man and Tony Stark having passed away in Endgame, it's unlikely that Favreau will again reprise the role. With the MCU changing in Phase 4 and beyond, Favreau got the chance to say goodbye to what he helped build from its earliest stages. The scene was a sendoff for Aunt May, but also, in a way, for Favreau and Happy, with it potentially being the last time he'll be seen in the MCU.

Happy's words about May's legacy and memory ring extra loudly when applied through the lens of Favreau quietly saying goodbye to the cinematic universe he helped build as both director and actor. Just because something passes doesn't mean its impact and legacy are gone—especially if one is personally invested in it. It's entirely conceivable that a film handled less capably than Iron Man might not have been able to launch the MCU. It's also possible that audiences might not have gotten the leading man they know and love: Favreau fought to cast Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark when the studio was reluctant to do so, and his insight proved prescient. It's not unreasonable to say the MCU was built on the backbones of Downey and Favreau.

Favreau isn't just saying goodbye to his time working with Marvel, but to the structure and feel of the first three MCU phases. With new characters, the multiverse, and a slew of other changes coming to the MCU, what lies ahead is going to be substantially different than what came before. Perhaps, like Happy, audiences will be able to forego mourning in place of celebration and look ahead at what's to come. When something new begins, another thing must end. So it is with the MCU, Jon Favreau, and Spider-Man. Whatever lies ahead after Spider-Man: No Way Home, it's easy to celebrate what has come before.

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