Joshua Jackson Wouldn't Play His The Affair

Joshua Jackson Wouldn't Play His The Affair

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Joshua Jackson's character Cole played an integral role in the majority of The Affair’s run, but his perspective has changed on the part. Joshua Jackson admits he wouldn't play his character from The Affair if the part was offered to him now. The Affair ran for five seasons on Showtime and presented a Rashomon-style telling of a relationship drama. The story initially delved into an extramarital affair between a listless family man Noah (Dominic West) and a waitress Alison (Ruth Wilson) whose own marriage is stuck in a grief-stricken rut. Initially, the drama uses point of view shifts, presenting half the episode from Noah's perspective and the other half from Alison's, with each telling slightly or drastically different based on a character's memory bias.

Later seasons expand upon this dramatic device to include other perspectives, including that of Alison's husband Cole Lockhart, who is played by Jackson. Cole's perspective remains an important one as season 2 focuses on the dissolution of his marriage with Alison, as well as the murder trial of his troubled brother Scotty. Later seasons also deal with multiple timelines on top of "alternate" realities, not unlike another show Jackson starred in, the cult favorite procedural Fringe. But now in an interview with EW, Jackson admits he would have second thoughts about taking on the role of Cole now. His hesitancy stems from how his own perspective on life has changed since the birth of his child. A major part of Cole's character is the grief he endures over the loss of his and Alison's four-year-old son.

Jackson married British actor and model Jodie Turner-Smith in 2019. Turner-Smith is known for Tom Clancy's: Without Remorse, Queen & Slim, and The Last Ship. Jackson and Turner-Smith announced the birth of their daughter in April 2020, less than a year after The Affair finished airing in November 2019. It makes sense that becoming a father drastically changed the way Jackson approaches his work and his life. For many people, parenthood changes not just their priorities or their emotions, but in fact the very chemistry of their brain. Aspects of stories that may not have carried as much weight before hit with a greater emotional impact after being responsible for a child, so it makes sense that portraying a character like Cole would be more psychologically difficult for someone so fresh into parenthood themselves. Jackson is a talented and subtle actor, and it will be interesting to see the kinds of roles he's drawn to since becoming a father. It remains to be seen if he'll play a character as emotionally dark as Cole in The Affair again.

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