Family Guy Producers Tease Upcoming 400th Episode As a Handle Compulsive Fandom

Family Guy Producers Tease Upcoming 400th Episode As a Handle Compulsive Fandom

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As Family Guy goings right in to its own 21st period on Sunday, exec producers and showrunners Alec Sulkin and Abundant Appel discussed information responsible for the series upcoming 400th episode. Family Guy remains to carry a satirical eye towards its own situations, and in the wedding anniversary episode, the reveal will certainly get a deeper dive right in to social medias compulsive follower — a.k.a. stan — society.

Episode 400, which is actually anticipated towards show up in Nov, observes Stewie (articulated through Seth MacFarlane) as he ends up being a crazed follower of a well-known stand out celebrity. That fascination takes him towards some hilariously wild sizes. It was actually MacFarlane, that understands a point or more around possessing outspoken followers, that very initial pitched the concept towards producers.

That is certainly not a tale that will have actually also struck our team towards inform 5 years back, that sensation of followers of musicians such as Taylor Quick and Selena Gomez — you label all of them — that are actually simply truly therefore dedicated, that they embrace their perspectives, Appel stated.

It is a method the computer cartoon collection performs coming from time towards time - taking aspects of culture that end up being patterns and providing all of them towards their target market with a satirical lense. This time, it is simply good that it is a Seth steered tale around a fascinating problem, Appel included.

The brand new period happens as the Family Guy personnel go back to its own in-person authors space, after a number of years of a pandemic transfer to online conferences.

It is constantly extremely enjoyable towards to find with each other and create one another laugh which is actually truly the primary component of our task, Sulkin stated. Family Guy, particularly, is actually a program that is understood for its own humor, its own edgy humor and in some cases its own dark humor. Therefore, it was actually simply a fantastic team of individuals to become chuckling along with at a time when a lot was actually uncertain.

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