Batgirl Movie Will Show Different Sides Of Commissioner Gordon

Batgirl Movie Will Show Different Sides Of Commissioner Gordon

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J.K. Simmons talks about how Batgirl will explore the domestic side of Jim Gordon more than Commissioner Gordon in HBO Max's upcoming Batgirl film.

J.K. Simmons says the upcoming Batgirl movie will show different sides of Commissioner James Gordon that DC audiences haven't necessarily seen before. Batgirl first appeared on the page as Betty Kane in 1961 before being replaced by the daughter of Batman's ally Commissioner Jim Gordon in 1967. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl has been portrayed on the small screen several times, including, most recently, by Savannah Welch in the live-action series Titans on HBO Max. Aside from Alicia Silverstone's portrayal in Batman & Robin (1997), HBO Max's Batgirl film will mark the first-ever live-action movie focusing on the character. Helmed by directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for Life), with a script by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey), Batgirl is set to introduce Leslie Grace (In the Heights) as one of Gotham City's fiercest vigilantes. The film will also star Michael Keaton as his Caped Crusader following The Flash, Brendan Fraser as the pyromaniac villain Firefly, and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon for the first time since what was essentially a debut cameo appearance in Justice League. While Simmons is an inspired casting choice, his Gordon has yet to be fleshed out or establish any relationships/dynamics with other characters in the DC Extended Universe.

Simmons offered insight into his return as Jim Gordon in Batgirl. The actor teased his character's expanded role, which will show a new side of Gordon as a father to Grace's Barbara/Batgirl in the revamped DCEU. Batgirl was a treat, for a number of reasons. My little bit in Justice League was, at the time, meant to be, ‘Look, we’re gonna introduce this guy and we’re gonna see more of him in the future.’ I didn’t have a whole lot to do. In Batgirl, because of the relationship between Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, it’s much more of a domestic aspect of Jim Gordon. We do get to see some fun, out in the street...Well, I’m gonna stop now because I really don’t wanna do any spoilers. But it was fun to do the stuff with Leslie Grace, who plays Batgirl, and get to portray a different aspect of Jim Gordon, other than as Commissioner Gordon.

A handful of actors have played Gordon over the years; most recently, Jeffrey Wright portrayed a pre-Commissioner version of the character in The Batman. While it's unclear if he had a family in The Batman, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy touched upon the domestic aspect of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). It'll be interesting to see if Batgirl elects to introduce a wife for Simmons' Gordon or if it will see the GCPD Commissioner as a single father. The latter would likely facilitate a stronger relationship between Barbara and her father. Though plot details are being kept under wraps, set photos have revealed what looks to be a flashback scene with Gordon and a younger Barbara—which supports the film's desire to make the pair's dynamic a focal point.

Simmons' inimitable presence has made him a cinematic legend, and it's disappointing both versions of Justice League didn't make better use of him. While it's unlikely his Gordon portrayal will reach the iconic status of J. Jonah Jameson in the MCU, he's sure to prove more than competent as a concerned and/or conflicted father. Usually, Gordon is a supporting player in a Batman story. The upcoming The Flash film will reportedly reset the DCEU timeline, making Keaton's vigilante the universe's main Batman instead of Ben Affleck. One has to assume Gordon knows Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne if his daughter has become a part of the Bat-family. It'll also be interesting to see his dynamic with Batman and how active they are this late in their careers. Regardless, the characterization and backstory of Simmons' Gordon is pretty much a blank slate. As long as The Flash's delays don't affect Batgirl's release date, fans may get to see Simmons back in that wig and sporting a mustache later this year.

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