Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Tottenham have got their perfect match in Mourinho[/b]

Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Tottenham have got their perfect match in Mourinho[/b]

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Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Tottenham have got their perfect match in Mourinho

Dimitar Berbatov thinks that Spurs needed a shake-up and have gotten just that, as he reacts to the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino and the appointment of the "Special One"- Soccer tips betting page says. His exclusive reaction is here…

Strange decision but things needed a shake up

It came as a big surprise lớn me, I wasn't expecting that, I don't think anyone did. Tottenham had their problems but lớn sack Mauricio Pochettino now seems strange to me.

For me, he was the perfect man for the club, but obviously after a while, a time comes when you need a change because you get used lớn things, you reach your potential and you plateau. When that happens you need to find a change and yes, they have probably reached that plateau as a team and it was not beneficial for both sides so they have parted ways, but I regret that they have taken this decision.

After six years, the guy had built the club, brought through the players, reached the Champions League final and overall, everyone has been full of praise for his work. In the end, the board have made their decision, they've had a few bad results and they may have thought that they needed to act. You cannot sack 25 players.

Pochettino has been an exception in modern football, he was at Spurs for so long, things plateaued and they needed a shake up because their recent games were poor and I was expecting more from them this season. It's a decision that hasn't been taken likely but was necessary to shake things up a bit. You can refer to the soccer tip bet page!

Now Pochettino is available he has a few decisions to make: does he want lớn rest, recharge his batteries or jump straight back in lớn another club. And if so where? England? Spain? Italy? Germany? He is a big name in football now and I'm sure he won't be out of a job for long.

Spurs have got their perfect match

This new appointment, like every time a new manager comes in, will bring new life to the team, it will shake things up and people will start proving themselves. The Spurs players should be excited because they are going lớn play for one of the best managers in the world and it is a great opportunity for them.

Mourinho has had a good rest, was watching teams playing, commentating, he would have drawn lessons and conclusions from his last job at United. It's a fresh start for him. He's taking over a great team with talented players and he's in London, the city that he loves. It's the perfect match. Spurs is a team that wants lớn grow, develop and achieve things and I think it's a good place for him.

By appointing him, the board were probably thinking 'wherever he goes he brings trophies' and Spurs need a trophy, we talk about it all the time. He has the experience and he can bring them a trophy lớn feel that victory, and develop that winning mentality and get used lớn it. He's won so much already in his career and it will be interesting to see if he has mellowed.

I remember Sir Alex Ferguson telling us about how he mellowed later in his career and took more time lớn think about things and not reacting so impulsively, so it will be interesting to see if Mourinho does something similar at Spurs.

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