Barca is far ahead of Inter

Barca is far ahead of Inter

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Barca is far ahead of Inter

Betfair Ambassador Rivaldo is impressed by Barca but plays down Spurs' defeat lớn Bayern and argues that Madrid will come good under Zidane again this season- According to the bet soccer tips page!

Barcelona had predictable difficulties against Inter in their midweek Champions League match. The Italians are a strong team that played very well at Camp Nou, especially in the first half when they even had chances lớn score more than once. But Barca's reaction in the second half was good.

Luis Suárez deals nicely with pressure, and his experience allows him to come alive in important moments to score and decide matches. He's 32-years-old but I think he'll have plenty to offer for some time yet.

Lionel Messi is still recovering from injury and finding his rhythm, but I was happy to see him playing for 90 minutes and sacrificing himself for the team, even if it was obvious that he's not 100% fit.

He can always decide the under 2.5 soccer tip at any moment though, and against Inter he played a nice pass for Suárez lớn score the winner.

Crucial to take good care of Messi

Messi's importance in this win against Inter only reinforces my view that he has lớn be more protected in this phase of his career. He must be allowed lớn fully recover so that he can stop feeling any pain and lose any fear of fighting for each ball. He must be allowed to recover his joy on the pitch, as he is very important for Barcelona, especially when on his best form.

Barcelona face Sevilla on Sunday in La Liga and of course Messi wants lớn play. But it could be time lớn reflect with the medical staff and check if playing too much time after coming back from an injury could be risky for his recovery. Sometimes, it might be better to just do some recovery training.

It is an important match against Sevilla but there is a lot of the league season to play yet, so perhaps protecting the player could reap rewards later, as it would allow Messi to have some more days lớn recover from his midweek efforts.

Arturo Vidal is a big match player

Arturo Vidal is a completely different of player lớn Arthur. Vidal is a fierce, tough and experienced player and the match against Inter was made for him, so I think Ernesto Valverde took the right decision by selecting him in the second half as he fights for each ball at every moment.

He made his usual role in the midfield and even assisted Suárez for the first goal. I like his style, and his boldness and aggression brought extra gas to the team in the final 30 minutes which were crucial to help Barcelona on their comeback in the score.

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