Trinh Kim Chi, Phuong Loan, Hoa Hiep, Ba Thang... New year's lucky money for poor artists dsgsaaf

Trinh Kim Chi, Phuong Loan, Hoa Hiep, Ba Thang... New year's lucky money for poor artists dsgsaaf

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During the Tet holidays, artists Trinh Kim Chi, Phuong Loan, Hoa Hiep, Ba Thang... visited and gave lucky money at the beginning of the year at the Artist's nursing home for old and weak artists.

Spring day remembers difficult artists
On the first day of the new year, artist Trinh Kim Chi (Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh City Theater Association, head of the Artist Friendship Department) and artist Phuong Loan and benefactors visited and gave lucky money at the beginning of the year. for 11 artists at the Artists' nursing home and 15 elderly and difficult artists outside. Each package includes gifts and red envelopes.

Before Tet, artist Trinh Kim Chi and the Ai Huu committee also campaigned to give 400 Tet gifts at the Artists' nursing home, the Temple of Artists and workers, and behind the scenes at stages in the city.

Trinh Kim Chi happily said: "At the beginning of the year, I came to talk, play with and give lucky money, my aunt and uncle were very happy. Forgetting all the fatigue due to old age and weakness, so we sang together to make the atmosphere at the beginning of the year. It's so cozy at the hospital."

She also shared the health situation of artist Thien Kim. Before Tet, she was very sick, lying in a coma, eating only a few spoons. But very happy in this New Year, she was able to eat almost a whole cup. When awake, when asleep. But when she woke up, she kept asking to go… to film!

Come to the party to make the aunt and uncle happy
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For more than a decade now, Hoa Hiep - Ba Thang has kept the habit of doing whatever he does, every day on the first day of the year, he goes to the nursing home. Artists visit, give gifts and lucky money to old and weak artists.

This year, two artists accompanied by artists To Chau, Phuong Hue, Nhat Nguyen and benefactors came to have fun with the artists at the institute very early.

Hoa Hiep shared that when he first visited the artist's nursing home, he was really shocked. Because he realized that the artists in the institute all had a famous time, now they are old and sick and lonely.

"Since then, I promised myself that every year I would go with artists and close acquaintances to visit and give lucky money to my uncles and aunts. The gift I gave my uncle and aunt was not much, but to celebrate with them. In the first few days of spring, perhaps uncles and aunts will be happy because they are cared for, and remembered by their juniors and grandchildren," said Hoa Hiep emotionally.
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