Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder Reviews #1 Gut & Digestive Health Support 2023 Update

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder Reviews #1 Gut & Digestive Health Support 2023 Update

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Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder is a new supplement designed to eliminate gut issues, improve digestion, and enhance overall health and wellness. 

According to the manufacturer, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder was developed based on an “8-second Nordic ritual” using a blend of natural ingredients clinically studied to improve gut health. By taking Gut Wellness Powder daily, you can purportedly eliminate constipation, bloating, nausea, acid reflux, and other digestive issues within just a few weeks. 

If you’re tired of suffering from painful bowel movements, frequent bouts of constipation or diarrhea, or feeling sluggish, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder may be the right supplement to eliminate these issues for good.

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Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder

What is Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder? 

As we briefly mentioned, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder is a dietary supplement described as revolutionary to relieve common digestive issues like nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux. It’s also designed for complete digestive support by directly addressing several of the most common causes of digestive issues. 

Best of all, since recent research has discovered a direct link between gut health and overall wellness, you can potentially improve virtually every aspect of your health simply by adding Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder. 

To reap the numerous benefits of Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder, simply take two Powder in the morning with breakfast, roughly 20 to 30 minutes before you eat breakfast. Over time, your digestive health and gut biome will improve, leading to better digestion and better health. 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Order

How Does Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder Work? 

Digestion is a complicated process. It takes various hormones, enzymes, and biological processes to keep it functioning. Thankfully, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder works to relieve digestive issues by promoting digestion in a variety of ways. 

Here’s how Gut Wellness Powder works: 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder helps to increase pepsinogen levels. Pepsinogen is an important gut molecule, a substance secreted by the stomach wall and converted into the pepsin enzyme by gastric acid. 

Pepsinogen is responsible for breaking down food and turning it into waste. This keeps the colon lubricated and healthy and prevents the buildup of bad bacteria in the intestines. 

Studies have shown that those with a healthy gut have higher levels of pepsinogen than those who suffer from IBS or regular digestive issues. In fact, one study found that pepsinogen was 400% more active and stimulated in those with healthy digestion compared to those with digestive issues. This is why it is so important that Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder is able to increase your pepsinogen levels. 

Gut Wellness Powder also contains several prebiotic ingredients to feed good bacteria. There are trillions of bacteria in our gut, most of which are good bacteria. These bacteria are designed to support digestion, immunity, hormone production, and more. However, when good bacteria levels drop, bad bacteria can thrive, causing poor digestion, sickness, weight gain, and more. 

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This is why Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder added specific ingredients that act as prebiotics. These ingredients feed the good bacteria in your gut, allowing them to thrive. These good bacteria kill off the bad bacteria in your gut, preventing them from wreaking havoc on your digestive system. 

Gut Wellness Powder relieves constipation by adding fiberthat promotes stool formation and elimination . By now, it’s no secret that fiber helps the body stay “regular.” However, few of us consume enough fiber to maintain healthy digestion. Thankfully, almost every ingredient in Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder contains some form of fiber, whether it is soluble or insoluble fiber. 

These are just a few of the ways Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder works to support your digestive health. The main advertised method Gut Wellness Powder works is by increasing pepsinogen levels, which is important for gut health. However, by supporting digestion in a number of other ways, This is more likely to deliver noticeable benefits within a short period of time. 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder

Additional Benefits of Gut Wellness Powder 

In years past, we thought digestive health only really affected your digestive system. However, we’ve learned an incredible amount about the digestive system over the last ten or twenty years. As a result, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder isn’t just a digestive health supplement. Instead, it’s designed for optimal overall health and wellness. 

In fact, by improving your gut health, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder may also support: 

Healthy weight loss: Believe it or not, healthy gut health supports better weight management and may even help you lose weight. According to studies, certain gut bacteria produce acetate, a short-chain fatty acid that regulates body fat stores and appetite. Researchers also believe that a healthy digestive system is able to release gut hormones needed to better control metabolism. In theory, this should support better weight management. 

Better immunity: Our immune system is a complicated one but researchers have found that upwards of 70 to 80% of immune cells are located in the gut. This means it is absolutely essential you maintain proper gut health. By improving your gut health, you’ll be able to supercharge your immunity, decreasing the likelihood you become sick and better helping you fight off illness in the event you do become sick. 

Improved cognition: A fairly new development in biology is that gut microbiome is directly linked to certain neurological outcomes, like cognitive function and dementia. Although mechanisms have not been fully established, there’s clear evidence that having a healthy gut can enhance memory, focus, and learning ability. It may also reduce the risk of certain brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Ingredients In Gut Wellness Powder 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder was carefully formulated using nine of the most proven natural ingredients to support digestion, gut microbiome, and production of pepsinogen levels. These nine natural ingredients include: 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder Ingredients

Glucomannan Root: Glucomannan is derived from the Konjac plant. It is a type of soluble fiber that helps to improve bowel frequency by softening stool and promoting stool removal. It also binds to water in the gut to form a gel-like substance that may slow the breakdown of food, thus enabling you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Finally, there is some evidence that glucomannan may stimulate the healing process of the gut lining. 

Psyllium husk: Psyllium husk is rich in soluble fiber, which helps regulate your bowel movements because of its ability to form a gel-like stool that is easily processed. It also improves pepsinogen levels, which is key for digestion. Recent clinical research suggests it may also decrease bouts of abdominal pain by relieving pressure on the stomach and by eliminating flatulence. Similar to glucomannan, psyllium also appears to reduce appetite as well. 

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Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay is derived from aged volcanic ash and has been shown to eliminate gas, stop bloating, relieve constipation, and limit acid reflux. It may also bind to heavy metals and other toxins that often accumulate in your gut, speeding digestion and improving immune system function. Bentonite is also considered useful for those suffering from IBS. 

Black Walnut: Black walnut is said to improve digestion by eliminating fungi, bacteria, and parasites, which interfere with your body’s ability to break down food. It also has a gentle laxative effect to promote regular bowel movements and improve bile flow. Some research suggests that it may also increase the absorption of nutrients. It also contains several anti-inflammatory compounds, improving the function and health of the organs involved in digestion and stool removal. 

Oat Bran: Oat Bran is rich in vitamins and minerals needed to promote regular digestion. It’s also been linked to healthy blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. Like many other ingredients in Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder, oat bran is rich in dietary fiber, supporting bowel function. However, oat bran is rich in both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, making it one of the more unique ingredients in Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder. 

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Flax Seed: Flaxseed is a popular digestive aid that is rich in insoluble fiber, which makes it an excellent prebiotic ingredient. Flaxseed has been shown to speed up the frequency of bowel movements and may help eliminate constipation quickly. However, it also may combat diarrhea because it helps improve stool formation. 

Plum Extract: Plums and prunes are well known for their ability to relieve constipation, partly because of their high fiber content. This fiber is insoluble, which means it adds bulk to your stool, promoting regular bowel movements. Plum also contains sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol that has laxative effects. In addition to its digestive benefits, the plum extract has been shown to improve heart health, bone health, blood sugar control, and immunity. 

Aloe Vera: Aloe is well known for its therapeutic properties, and it has been shown to relieve pain, promote healing, and relieve burns. However, new research suggests it may also have digestive benefits as well. It appears that aloe vera can improve pepsinogen levels and may reduce dental plaque, reducing bad bacteria in the mouth. It also appears to help manage blood sugar levels and promote the growth of good bacteria, which is key for digestion. 

Apple Pectin: Apple pectin is a beneficial prebiotic fiber sourced from many types of apples. Apple pectin has been shown to strengthen the lining of the gut and promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. These good bacteria strengthen immunity, improve digestion, and eliminate bad bacteria. Some research indicates apple pectin may even block the formation of fat and reduce blood sugar spikes. 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder made sure to ensure there are no additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients found in their product – only 100% natural, pure ingredients. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results? 

Although Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder is an effective supplement that supports gut health improvements , it isn’t a miracle product by any stretch of the imagination. It is going to take some time in order to see results while using this product. 

Like any supplement, results vary from person to person. They can vary based on diet, exercise habits, lifestyle habits, and even environmental factors. Your individual physiology can play a role in how rapidly you see any changes too. 

In general, many users report seeing some improvements after around two weeks of use. Within a month an overwhelming number of users experience less bouts of gas, bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues. 

The manufacturer recommends you take the product upwards of two months before you make any final decision as to whether it is the right digestive aid for you. As we mentioned before, results do take time and it may take longer for your body to adjust to the powerful formula in Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder. 

You should however notice real changes within a month of use and as you continue to use Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder, you should steadily see improvements in your digestive health. 

Gut Wellness Powder Reviews

Side Effects of Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder – Is it Safe? 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder was carefully formulated with ingredients not only designed to relieve digestive issues – it was designed to be safe too. This is why as of this writing there have not been any reports of any serious side effects while using this product. 

This is not to say that side effects cannot occur – only they haven’t occurred yet. Any supplement can cause minor side effects like nausea, headache, or other minor side effects. The likelihood of experience these side effects while using this product are just very low. 

Keep in mind that although side effects are very rare while using this product, it still may not be right for everyone. 

For example, if you are pregnant or nursing, it is not recommended that you use this product as the effects are unknown. Likewise, this product is only intended for adults over the age of 18. Therefore, children should not use this product nor should you give this product to any child under the age of 18. 

Finally, if you are taking a serious medication, especially for digestive problems, or if you have a medical condition, then it is highly recommended you speak to your doctor before using this product. 

Overall, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder is an incredibly safe, effective supplement for gut health. However, if you still are unsure whether or not this product is right for you, then it is recommended you speak to your doctor before trying this Powder just to get his or her opinion. 

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Pricing & Guarantee 

If you decide that Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder may be the right supplement to help you achieve your health goals, then the best place to order is directly through the official website . There you will find multiple different purchasing options to choose from, depending on your budget and needs. 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Cost

Here are the available purchasing options: 

One bottle: $49 + shipping 

Three bottles: $135 total - $45 per bottle + shipping 

Five bottles: $205 Total - $41 per bottle w/ free shipping 

Order Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder Gut Health Right Here At The Best Prices!! 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder Pricing

No matter which package you select, Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder offers every customer a 60-day money back guarantee on all orders. According to the official website, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, experience unwanted side effects, or simply don’t like Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder, you are entitled to a full refund within 60 days of your purchase – no questions asked. 

To receive a refund, simply return the product to the manufacturer and request a refund and you’ll promptly be given a refund – no questions asked. 

Final Recap 

Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder is one of the best natural digestive aids on the market. It uses clinically studied ingredients, proven doses, and is backed by thousands of customer reviews from all over the world. 

If you’re looking for real digestive relief from constipation, gas, bloating, or indigestion, then there’s no better natural source than Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness Powder. 

To order the #1 digestive health product for 2023, then you need to visit the official website of Dr. Stengler's Gut Wellness and order your bottles today! 


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