Key components of secondary research - 2023

Key components of secondary research - 2023

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ai essay writer  does not only create stories based on their imagination but also research the topics they are supposed to write about. Two kinds of research are conducted by writers. These two types are primary and secondary research. Primary research methods are legitimate methods that are used to prove a stance. They include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires researched by researchers in a journal. However, this article will discuss the critical components of secondary research methods.

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The secondary research method is commonly used while writing a paper. It makes research and arguments valid and easy due to the feasible approach used by its sources. While a  perfect essay writer ai  writes my paper ,  I always consult secondary sources and conduct secondary research to be sure of the facts. It helps me build arguments without surfing for information on the internet. It helps to find sorted information on one topic. 

Secondary research in literal meaning is pre-compiled research in a report. It is organized and designed in order by researchers and government agencies to formulate a report. Many businesses and companies use these reports to do their research. Since they are easy to approach and understand. Secondary research sources are available on the internet. So, all  essay writer who  needs to know are the right keywords for their research, and tons of secondary resources will be up there to continue secondary research. Thus, to make research easy and less time taking secondary research is an easier method to opt for. is a legit essay writing service

The following are the key components of secondary research. They are available online, and you can choose any of them to continue the research.

  1. Websites: Websites are an easy approach source as they use graphics and infographics to transfer information. Researchers can easily grasp information from there and incorporate it into their research papers. This requires a person to know well about the website's credibility. The researcher can ask other people about the authenticity of the website. Usually, counterfeit websites are not available on the front page. But still, researchers should be conscious and look for the most reliable source. There are websites like CNN, WHO, bitesize, and many other company-based web pages that never share false information. Thus, it is better to use them as a source such that no one questions the source cited.
  2. Government Reports: Government reports are published each year and are uploaded online. If the subject the  essay writer  is inquire is a global one or involves studying a particular region. Then it is better to know about that state or country through these reports. These reports have data collected through government means and include a thorough analysis of the public. It is properly arranged, and it helps a researcher to find necessary information easily in one document. It prevents the hassle of consulting multiple journals and papers.
  3. Agencies Reports: Many agencies work to share information publicly for the sake of better good. These agencies have high respect and trust among people, and they never break the trust by spreading false information. They formulate a report on a specific issue and add stats to it too. They use different methods to share information and state a point of view. Many agencies and NGOs share these reports. Some of the eminent ones are WHO, NPR, IMF, and UNICEF. All these organizations share relevant information that can be cited in your paper.
  4. Journals: Journals are primary sources, but some journals have compiled data from different sources. They compose a research paper that elicited a few research papers and their findings. They are reliable sources but are considered secondary as they derive information from other sources. Journals are available on some websites or google scholar. So, search the right keywords and find the exact research paper to be referenced in your paper.
  5. Magazines: Magazines have articles published by different reporters. They are like newspapers that provide information on many topics like current affairs, fashion, industry, business, and movies. These magazines have authentic articles that are published in magazines. Some reliable magazines are the times, the New York Times, and the Economist. One can use a source or two from these magazines to support their arguments. Thus, find a famous magazine published by reliable sources and use it as a secondary research method.
  6. Industry Reports: Industry reports are published by companies who are working in the industrial sector. They share their experience, their products, their work, net sales, and other aspects of their industry work that the world needs to know. These reports are available on company websites. So, company you are analyzing or taking as an example can be supported by the industry report. You can find this report on the company's official website, and cite the website in your research.

Hence, these are a few components of secondary research that a researcher can use to strengthen their research arguments.

         You can follow these steps or ask a PerfectEssayWriterAI   to help you conduct secondary research. These companies have proficient writers who are experts in conducting the secondary research. They will do your research for you in no time. However, if you want to try it yourself, then nothing can stop you. Just focus on your topic and get it done with the help of the above-mentioned steps and components. 


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