Does DC Have The Perfect Justice League 2 Villain Now?

Does DC Have The Perfect Justice League 2 Villain Now?

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It appears the DC Universe now has the perfect villain in place for Justice League 2, as Black Adam proves it should be Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero.

The DC Universe now appears to have the perfect Justice League 2 villain, thanks to Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson officially joined the DC franchise in 2022 after spending more than a decade developing plans for Black Adam's debut. Now that his anti-hero is part of the DC Universe, Black Adam's ending indicates that he will remain an essential character moving forward. Johnson has hopes of fighting Henry Cavill's Superman after the post-credits tease. He has even teased interest in potentially fighting the entire Justice League team after proving Black Adam could beat the Justice Society and Sabbac.

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The Justice League's future in the DC Universe looks brighter than before thanks to Henry Cavill's Superman return and DC Studios' creative overhaul that put James Gunn and Peter Safran in charge. There is no official movement on Justice League 2, as plans for a sequel halted once Zack Snyder exited the franchise. However, reintroducing the Justice League to the DC Universe should be a high priority for the franchise moving forward. When it happens, following Snyder's plan and using Darkseid as the villain seems unlikely. The good news is that DC appears to have Justice League 2's perfect villain already thanks to Black Adam.

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