Ponsel andalan Samsung Galaxy akhirnya bisa menggunakan eSIM di Google Fi

Ponsel andalan Samsung Galaxy akhirnya bisa menggunakan eSIM di Google Fi

Ponsel andalan Samsung Galaxy akhirnya bisa menggunakan eSIM di Google Fi

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Use eSIM on Google Fi on your Samsung Galaxy phone

While eSIM has been around for a few years, its adoption has only picked up in recent months, especially after the launch of the iPhone 14 series in 2022. Unlike a traditional SIM card, your carrier must also have eSIM support for your device. This means even if you have an eSIM-ready phone, you can't do much unless your network operator adds support. Google Fi has lagged in this department, with eSIM compatibility on the network inexplicably missing for Samsung's Galaxy devices. Following the Galaxy S23 series launch, Google is finally making amends and has silently added eSIM support for a bunch of flagship Galaxy phones.

Until now, Fi's eSIM support was limited to selected Pixel phones. The operator's eSIM support page now lists all recent Samsung flagships launched in the last few years as being supported with embedded SIM on its network. Below are all the newly added Samsung phones that can now use eSIM on Google Fi (via XDA):

Galaxy Z Flip 4
Galaxy Z Fold 4
Galaxy S22 series
Galaxy Z Flip 3
Galaxy S21 series
Galaxy S20 series
Galaxy Note 20 series
Interestingly, Google Fi continues to lack support embedded SIM support for iPhones despite them being among the first to support the technology.

To set up eSIM on your compatible phone, you must first connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and then use the Google Fi app. The option only appears when you activate Google Fi on the phone. If you are already using Fi on your Galaxy phone and want to switch to an embedded SIM, uninstall the app and follow the setup process mentioned here. If the setup fails, restart your phone and then try again.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ in Green
Samsung Galaxy S23+
The Galaxy S23+ is for those who want a larger screen and improved battery life over the standard model. With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, and 4700mAh of battery life, this device can take anything you throw at it. Samsung gives you eight color options this year, so you are sure to find a color that you love.

Phantom Black Samsung Galaxy S23+
Samsung Galaxy S23+ in Black
Source: Samsung
Those who aren't looking to make a statement with a pop of color can turn to the phantom black option for the Galaxy S23+. It’s a no-nonsense color that means business and oozes professional business vibes. It is a premium-looking color for a premium device and a mainstay in the Galaxy S series.

Black blends into everything and is a complement to just about any other color. This frees you up to choose just about any case or accessory you wish without worrying about clashing colors. The Phantom Black color option blends smoothly with Samsung’s other accessories. The Galaxy Watch 5 comes in Graphite and, despite the name difference, meshes perfectly together.

Green Samsung Galaxy S23+
Samsung Galaxy S23+ in Green
Source: Samsung
Samsung likes to tweak its color options a bit to varying degrees, and its green colorway is likely to be a bit polarizing. It’s not as in your face as last year's take, instead offering a more subdued color. Samsung chose to mix in a bit of gray into the green to give it a unique style. In a vacuum, it’s a striking color, but this green might be a bit harder to find matching-colored accessories.

It won’t go with just anything in the same way some of the other options would. Even Samsung’s own Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t have a corresponding color to match this. Black or silver would be your best bet here, but at least the Galaxy Buds2 offer a similar color.

Cream Samsung Galaxy S23+
Samsung Galaxy S23+ in Cream
Source: Samsung
The Galaxy S23+ in cream is this year's white but doesn't quite pull off that timeless feeling like a traditional white would. It will surely make your case choice pop, which is especially true if your case has some color to it. The cream color allows your eyes to naturally go to the color of the case and not to the color of the phone. The lack of color on your phone enables you to demonstrate your own unique style by getting out of the way and letting your case choice shine.

Having a quality case might be your best option, as it may get a bit dirty over time. Any dirt or oil from your fingers will get transferred to the back and will break the clean creamy color profile. You don't want your eyes to be drawn to that dirty addition. Other accessories may be a bit tougher to find a compatible match, especially if they don’t come in a similar color.
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