A comprehensive guide to playing Tài Xỉu in football betting from A to Z

A comprehensive guide to playing Tài Xỉu in football betting from A to Z

A comprehensive guide to playing Tài Xỉu in football betting from A to Z

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You often hear football bettors talking about Asian handicaps, Over/Under bets, and specifically, Tài Xỉu. Even TV match analysis programs mention terms like "Tài Xỉu 2 goals" or "Tài Xỉu 2 losses, 1 draw," and so on. If you want to understand what Tài Xỉu is and how to play it in online football betting, this article Wintips.Com will provide a detailed explanation.

What is Tài Xỉu?

Tài Xỉu, known as Over/Under (abbreviated as O/U) in English, is a type of bet where the bookmaker predicts a specific number for a match, and the player's task is to bet on whether the actual number of goals or points in the match will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than that predicted number.

With that understanding, you can play Tài Xỉu with various things. Anything that you can bet on whether the outcome will be lower or higher than a certain number can be played as Tài Xỉu. In sports betting, bookmakers often offer Over/Under bets on total goals, total cards, total corners in a football match, total games in a tennis match, total points in a basketball game, and so on.

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Playing Tài Xỉu in football

Tài Xỉu is a popular type of football betting, alongside traditional handicaps.

People often play Tài Xỉu in football based on the total number of goals scored in a match. For example, if the match ends with a score of 2-1, the total number of goals is 3. In Tài Xỉu betting, you don't care about which team scores the goals; instead, you bet on whether the total number of goals scored by both teams will be lower or higher than the odds set by the bookmaker. In simple terms, if you believe the match will have few goals, you bet Under (Xỉu); conversely, if you choose Over (Tài), it means you believe the match will have many goals.

How to read Tài Xỉu odds?

In Tài Xỉu betting, the bookmaker provides a predicted number known as the odds. These odds can be expressed as 2, 2-2.5, 2.5, 2.5-3, 3, and so on.

So, what do these Tài Xỉu odds mean? Here, we will explain how to read Tài Xỉu odds for specific cases that we commonly encounter.

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Tài Xỉu 1.5 goals

Tài Xỉu 1.5 goals is written as 1 1/2 or 1.5.

This is a common Tài Xỉu bet for the first half or second half of a match. It only considers the result of one half (of course, there's also a 1.5 goal bet for the full match). Specifically:

  • Over wins if there are 2 or more goals in that half.

  • Under wins if there are 0 or 1 goal in that half.

Tài Xỉu 1.75 goals

Tài Xỉu 1.75 goals can also be written as 1.75 or 1.5-2.

With this bet:

  • Over wins if the total number of goals is 3 or more; it wins half the bet if the total goals are 2.

  • Under wins if the total number of goals is 1 or 0; it loses half the bet

If you intend to bet on Over/Under, wait for the first 10 minutes of the match (usually the first 10 minutes are goalless). During that time, the Over/Under odds will decrease, and you will have a better chance of winning.

When betting on Over/Under in football, you need to consider choosing the league and the match. If you prefer to bet on Over, select leagues with high goal-scoring rates such as Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Bundesliga, or youth leagues in England, Germany, Australia, etc. Additionally, there are teams more likely to have high-scoring matches, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Dortmund.

On the other hand, if you prefer to bet on Under, you should focus on leagues like Ligue 1 (France), Argentina, Brazil, Portugal.

If the first half of the match ends with a score of 0-0, be cautious and avoid betting on Under for the second half. Experience shows that in tense matches with no goals in the first half, the second half tends to be highly competitive. And as the match approaches its end, there is an increased likelihood of goals being scored.

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