3 amazing animal migrations you MUST see at least once in your life 

3 amazing animal migrations you MUST see at least once in your life 

3 amazing animal migrations you MUST see at least once in your life 

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3 amazing animal migrations you MUST see at least once in your life 

It is the season to lose thick coats and fur mufflers as we’re just a few months away from summer and that means warmer days are up ahead.

But before we ready our bikinis and swimming trunks, it’s time to witness one of nature’s most amazing phenomena, animal migrations.

Spring is the time when various creatures of the animal kingdom travel, and this movement is not limited to birds. 

Although each species has a different mode of locomotion, University of Georgia ecologist Andy Davis said spring migration keeps populations strong. 

Monarch Butterflies 
Every spring, monarch butterflies fly from Mexico to the United States and Canada, traveling about 1,900 miles and laying eggs along the way.

The opposite is true in autumn when a generation travels to the southern mountain forests for winter safety. 

There they gather in the  oyamel fir trees, which create a microclimate for the monarchs, according to a scientist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Pablo Jaramillo-Lopez, and he explained that the branches serve as a kind of cover for the creatures. Ditch your chunky coats and fur scarves because summer is only months away  and that means warmer days are on the way. 

But before  bikinis and panties are prepared, it's time to witness one of nature's most incredible phenomena, the migration of animals.

Spring is the time when different creatures from the animal kingdom embark on their journey, and this movement is not limited to birds only.

While every species has different ways of traveling, University of Georgia ecologist Andy Davis said the vernal migration kept the population strong.

Monarch Butterflies
Every spring, monarch butterflies jet toward the United States and Canada from Mexico, traveling about 1,900 miles while laying eggs along the way.

The opposite happens during the fall, where one generation heads to the mountainous forests in the south to spend winter safely.

There, they gather together in oyamel fir trees, which National Autonomous University of Mexico’s research scientist Pablo Jaramillo-Lopez said make a microclimate for the monarchs and explained that the branches somehow act as a blanket for the creatures.

According to experts, monarch butterflies take about four or five generations before they complete the journey. However, it certainly is not an easy feat for the long-lived clan to trace back their route.

That’s why only a certain population completes the travel, and according to research, the selective movement shows that the biggest ones tend to survive more than the smaller ones.

Emperor Penguins
There’s a breathtaking phenomenon that happens during March in Antarctica – the migration of Emperor penguins.

While it is spring in some parts of the world, the southernmost continent’s temperature by this time is dropping.

Unlike other animals that travel to a distant land to find warmer areas, the tallest among their kind journey more than a hundred miles across thick snow to reach their destination, one that’s the same every year although their path to the site is usually different.

These cute animals brave harsh weather conditions just to breed at their destination. Once there, the males will not eat just to take care of the eggs.

What’s amazing is that they learned to huddle, a social behavior that aims to keep themselves warm in a -60 degrees Celsius environment.











































According to a research, huddling could create a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius inside. Meanwhile, the females would travel to the ocean for two months to hunt for food that they will feed to their young.

Leatherback Sea Turtles
Sea turtles are known to migrate foraging in other waters or to find warmer waters. However, the ones that travel the farthest are the leatherbacks, swimming for a whopping 10,000 miles.

That’s not all, they also dive to the depths of about 4,000 feet! Unlike the first two that journey to breed or to survive, these sea creatures do so to hunt for food.

Yup, they are willing to explore far and wide the vast seas in search of their favorite meal – jellyfish. In fact, they so love the gelatinous animals that they can weigh for as much as 2,000 pounds!

Surprisingly, they learned to crouch, a social behavior evolved to keep  warm in a -60 degree Celsius environment. 

According to research, curling up can cause a core temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. During this period, the females went to the sea for two months in search of food for  their young. 

Leatherback Sea Turtles 
sea turtles have been known to migrate to other waters to find food or to find warmer waters. However, those who travel the furthest are the stubborn and swim up to 10,000 miles.

That's not all, they also dive to depths of around 4000 feet! Unlike the first two, which travel to reproduce or survive, these sea creatures do so to hunt for food. 

Yes, they happily explore the vast seas in search of their favorite food: jellyfish. In fact, they love the gelatinous creatures so much they can weigh up to 2,000 pounds! 




According to v leatherback turtles are able to regulate their body temperature, which allows them to move around in cold waters. 

females lay and incubate their eggs on tropical beaches. Drexel University research coordinator James Spotila said in a 2012 study that these creatures are adults, so killing them for fishing has a huge impact on their population.

According to leatherback sea turtles are capable of regulating their body temperature that's why they can travel in cold waters.

Females lay eggs in tropical beaches and leave them there to hatch. Drexel University study coordinator James Spotila said in a 2012 study that these creatures take t

Ime to mature so it greatly affects their population if they get killed in fishing.

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