ClickDesigns OTO 1,2,3,4 OTOs Links + Bonuses Upsell>>>

ClickDesigns OTO 1,2,3,4 OTOs Links + Bonuses Upsell>>>

ClickDesigns OTO 1,2,3,4 OTOs Links + Bonuses Upsell>>>

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ClickDesigns OTO 1,2,3,4 OTOs Links + Bonuses Upsell>>>

ClickDesigns OTO Links here 1,2,3,4 Get The 4 OTO Links With Discount And Huge Bonuses below ClickDesigns OTO. you will get 1 ClickDesigns Front-End and 4 ClickDesigns OTO Editions.

All ClickDesigns OTO links to direct sales pages, with huge ClickDesigns discount and my Awesome ClickDesigns bonuses. don’t miss your Upgrade copies. It’s for a limited time. ClickDesigns OTOs Upsell links

ClickDesigns OTO Links + Huge Bonuses:

CLICKDESIGNS FE: Use Coupon Code CD20OFF For $20 OFF >>>find out more details

ClickDesigns OTO #1: ClickDesigns Unlimited. Coupon “50UNLIMITED”>>>find out more details

ClickDesigns OTO #2: ClickDesigns Professional. Coupon “30PROFESSIONAL”>>>find out more details

ClickDesigns OTO #3: ClickDesigns Design Pages. Coupon “20DESIGN”>>>find out more details

ClickDesigns OTO #4: ClickDesigns Agency. Coupon “50AGENCY”>>>find out more details

ClickDesigns Review – Fast And Easy To Use Graphic Design Tool

Hey and welcome to my ClickDesigns Review. This is Darius from reedratings where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

Now, ClickDesigns is brought to you by Mo Latif a well known internet marketer and also the creator of other high quality software products like Video Engine Pro.

So the big question is, is ClickDesigns really worth your money? I’ll tell you if it ticks all the boxes, and if it does, I’ll give you some awesome complimentary bonuses you can only get from me today.

In a nutshell, ClickDesigns is an all in one graphic and design cloud based platform that will allow you to create any kind of design you need for your blog, funnels, sales pages, websites, etc.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, stick with me as I will show you more during this article including the pricing and upsells and also my demo video. I also put together some cool bonuses for you if you decide to buy ClickDesigns through my link, free as part of your purchase.

Now let’s jump into the next section of my ClickDesigns Review to find out what exactly ClickDesigns is and how it can help you and your business.

What Exactly Is ClickDesigns?

ClickDesigns is a cloud based software that allows you to create amazing graphics for blogs, websites, sales funnels and site builders.

It works with ClickFunnels, Groove, Convertri, Instapages, Kartra, Leadpages, Kajabi, OptimizePress, Elementor, Themify and many more.

You can create logos, boxshots, mockups, covers, reports, bundles, illustrations, graphics and much more.

You can use these graphics for your webpages, videos, socials, emails, banners, practically anything that’s visual without freelancers, designers, coders and webmasters.

Now, we have a lot of graphic design softwares like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, VistaCreate and many others. But they all very expensive and requires design skills.

In comparison, ClickDesigns it’s very cheap and very very easy to use and I guess it focuses more towards the users that lack design skills and want to save time.

Also with the commercial license you can also offer graphic design services to clients or on places like Fiverr or UpWork and charge them for these services.

So not only can you create captivating designs for your business, but you can also design for clients without paying extra!

There is never a shortage of people/clients looking for designs. Every business needs logos, box shots, covers, reports, digital mockups, bundles, illustrations, callouts, and many, many more graphics.

Graphics is a never ending requirement. No one settles with one design so you can keep selling more.

With ClickDesigns, you can instantly produce amazing designs and sell them to others so they can use them for their business.

Zero design skills or experience needed. Now let’s jump into the next section of my ClickDesigns Review to find out how ClickDesigns works.

How ClickDesigns Works?: Demo Video

Now let’s jump into the next section of my ClickDesigns Review to find out more about ClickDesigns pricing and upsells.

ClickDesigns Review: Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software ClickDesigns which will cost you $37 for personal and $47 (commercial). For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period.

Also, prices are subject to change throughout the launch. After the launch, which ends on the 9th of January 2022, price will increase to $97 or will go as monthly payments.

I’m not quite sure but you can always click here for current pricing. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

So if you want to get full access to this software and go unlimited then pick up OTO 1! Okay, now let’s have a look at the upsells or OTO’s.

ClickDesigns Review: OTO’s

OTO 1: Click Designs Unlimited $97

ClickDesigns Unlimited unlocks the premium editor with 2,000 more design templates, custom template designer, 1-click design cloner including unlimited storage for unlimited projects, designs, downloads, new images, icons, elements, graphics and templates.

OTO 2: Click Designs PRO $77

Unlock worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, photo-realistic mockups, magazines including group shots pro & custom device builder for explosive high-ticket buyers & sales.

Unlimited designer worksheet templates, designer checklist templates, designer cheat sheet templates, real-world scene mockups, offline banner ad mockups, hand held device mockups, world class magazine templates, commercial license.

Group shots pro designs box shots, digital devices (monitors, laptops, tablets, phones & watches), covers, reports, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets & magazines.

Pre-made product bundle pro templates box shots, digital devices (monitors, laptops, tablets, phones & watches), covers, reports, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets & magazines).

Custom digital device mockup builder, one year brand new magazines, worksheets, checklists & cheat sheets design releases worth $1,997 and sell any designs inside ClickDesigns professional for 100% profits.

OTO 3: Click Designs Design Pages $67

With this upgrade you get a new design page software with thousands of features so you can start creating pages inside ClickDesigns.

Custom background designer, pre-made background colour, patterns & image page designs, page theme designer, illustration & scene templates, annotation templates including vector & illustrations graphic designer and illustrative scenes mockup creator.

OTO 4: Click Designs Agency $197

  • ClickDesigns agency

  • Custom agency branding

  • Agency control centre for virtual team accounts

  • Agency management centre to add, delete & manage users

  • Agency-wide design collaboration

  • Client work & project management

  • 1-click bulk high-resolution downloads

  • Watermark design-protection engine

  • Stealth click share url

  • Showcase design portfolio samples to clients worth $297

  • Agency client work review access worth $497

  • Unlimited hosting & storage worth $997

  • Global client-getting & buyers blueprint

  • Done-for-you legal client contracts

  • Agency vip client support worth (email/chat/skype/zoom)

Now, in the next section of my ClickDesigns review you’ll find all the bonuses you will get for free if you buy ClickDesigns through my link.

ClickDesigns Review: Bonuses

If you decide to buy ClickDesigns through my link, click on any of the buttons on this page and you will get all the bonuses listed for free.

All the bonuses listed down below for my ClickDesigns Review are available only if you buy it through any of my links/buttons on this page and are available even if you purchase only the front end offer.

Your download link with my bonuses will be delivered inside your JVZoo dashboard. If you can’t find them or you run into an issue please send me an email at: and I will be happy to sort things out for you.

So check out my ClickDesigns Review Bonuses. This bonuses will save you time, money and help you make the most out of ClickDesigns.

Custom Bonus 1: Free Account With ReedBio

ReedBio is my own cloud based software that will allow you to build vCards and Bio Pages in minutes. All your links on one page! And you will get unlimited free access to ReedBio when you buy ClickDesigns through my link.

  • You get 4 built-in themes that you can use right away

  • Custom logo, background, fonts, SEO settings, password protection and so much more

  • Dark Mode: All your pages support dark mode as well

  • Tracking pixels: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixels available.

  • Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones

Custom Bonus 2: Free WP Video Reviews PRO

The beauty of this plugin is that for every page you have on your website you can have a different video widget for every page. For example: for the home page you can have a video, for an article you can have another video, for a blog post you can have another video. This is powerful stuff and you’ll get this for free when you buy ClickDesigns through my link.

  • 100% Responsive

  • Selection multiple pages and videos

  • Play video from the beginning when it is clicked/tapped

  • Add Call To Action Button with types of options

  • Scroll to a block on a site page

  • Add URL to open other page

  • Calling a popup window, launching a quiz, etc.

  • Button color settings

  • Ability to disable widget on mobile or on desktop

  • Select Widget location

  • Widget color settings

Custom Bonus 3: Free Account With ReedShortener

ReedShortener is my own Premium Link Shortener, QR Codes generator and Bio Pages software and you will get unlimited free access to ReedShortener when you buy ClickDesigns through my link.

  • Link Shortener, Bio Pages And QR Codes

  • Link Management

  • Privacy Control

  • Powerful Dashboard

  • Custom Branded Domain Names

Custom Bonus 4: Free Account With ReedProofs

ReedProofs is my own cloud based software that will allow you to create Fomo, Scarcity, Social Proof pop-ups to engage and keep your website visitors. You will get unlimited free access to ReedProofs when you buy ClickDesigns through my link.

  • 14 included notifications

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Create unlimited notifications

  • Highly customisable notifications

  • Notifications & campaigns statistics

Bonus 5: Product Launch Mastery

Once you have your graphics ready with ClickDesigns, you will want to launch your product the right way. If you have failed in the past, it’s probably because you took the most difficult route.

Now you can effortlessly launch your product with amazing graphics with ClickDesigns as fast as possible that will attract, engage and convert your audience into paying customers.

To make this happen, follow exactly the process inside Product Launch Mastery to do it right, the first time around. You will learn the precise steps required to launch your own product successfully without the roadblocks, obstacles and hurdles you are encountering right now.

Bonus 6: eCommerce Builder

It’s no longer a dream to have your own eCommerce website, but a reality. With the help of this WordPress Plugin, you can start building your own profitable eCommerce sites that generate hands-free commissions on autopilot even if you have no coding skills.

Design your site for success with graphics from ClickDesigns! Build as many as you want and collect money from every sale. This is an easy way to scale your income, even if you’re just getting started.

Bonus 7: Profit List Master

Building a list is something you’ve probably heard is important, right? Everyone says, “The money is in the list.”

That’s very true! Sure there are many ways to get traffic like Paid Traffic, Social Media, SEO and Video Marketing just to name a few. But it all starts with building your email subscriber base first.

Here are the expert tips you need. You need to catch your prospects’ attention with stunning graphics that you can get from ClickDesigns.

Bonus 8: The Email Marketing Expert

E-mail marketing is without a doubt the most powerful and efficient form of online promotion available. Nothing comes close to its power, especially when you consider that it’s even more cost-effective than search engine optimization (SEO) or social media advertising.

Discover the most efficient and easiest ways to harness the power of email marketing here on Email Marketing Expertise.

Bonus 9: Content Marketing Formula

In this expert guide, discover what content marketing is and why it’s so important for your business. Learn how to use it to totally revolutionize your success.

You’ll get a completely customized content marketing plan that you can apply to your own company and grow a large following of fans.

Bonus 10: Lead Magnet Collection

Are you stuck thinking of what lead magnets to use? This ultimate collection of lead magnet ideas will un-stuck you!

Now, you don’t have to worry about how you will ethically bribe your prospects into giving you their contact information. Even better, you can create your lead magnets inside ClickDesigns!

Bonus 11: Social Media Mastery

Be the social media expert in the shortest time possible! This is for you if you’ve wanted to learn how to get the most out of social media marketing, increase your traffic and profits, and make even more money.

Remember this, if your business is not on social media, you lose!

The secret sauce that makes social posts are graphics and designs that easily catch your followers’ attention. You can quickly design them using ClickDesigns. Start from scratch or use the templates available.

Bonus 12: Traffic Blueprint

Discover proven traffic methods that can grow your social media following, get more email subscribers and increase your sales. These include website optimization, getting traffic through search engines, using hashtags, and more.

But one common thing among these traffic methods is using phenomenal designs in your strategies, or else, you’ll find it hard to get attention. Get your designs from ClickDesigns, fast and easy.

Bonus 13: Video Marketing Beast

Video Marketing is the most cost-effective way to market today. However, there are so many videos out now that they’re not as impactful as before. So what can you do?

First, create stunning graphics that you can use for your videos. ClickDesigns will help you out in this. This guide will give you more expert tips on increasing your conversion rates and outshining your competition.

Bonus 14: Video Marketing Playbook

The ultimate goal of effective video marketing is to convert your audience. The video must entice consumers to pull out their credit cards and purchase your offer.

The problem now is that there’s so much video out there that most of them simply don’t have an impact. They don’t get people to convert to buyers anymore.

This guide gives you expert tips and tricks to put the magic back into your video marketing. The first step is to use fire-breathing designs you can get only from ClickDesigns.

ClickDesigns Review: Quick Overview

ClickDesigns is the only software on the planet that was created for business owners like you, who are not creative. And quickly and easily want amazing logos, box shots, covers, device mockups, bundles, illustrations, and many other cool graphics.

It’s the ultimate design machine with the latest graphics and assets on the market.

This way you can be confident in getting high-converting, pattern-interrupting designs that will pile up traffic, bumper-to-bumper, so you can get loads of clicks to sales.

For the first time ever, you can do it yourself in a few clicks without waiting or relying on anyone ever again.

A design powerhouse that levels the playing field for ordinary people like you to get extraordinary graphics that drives massive traffic, clicks, leads, and sales.

The first software of its kind that immediately shifts your creative weakness into your greatest strength, and competes with pro designers to get game-changing graphics in record time.

I used to use Canva but ClickDesigns is one of the best Canva alternatives.

What took weeks, now takes you minutes. Now let’s jump into the next section of my ClickDesigns Review to find out more about ClickDesigns features and benefits.

ClickDesigns Review: Features & Benefits

Blank ‘Multi-Purpose’ Canvas

Start from a blank canvas or use the fully customizable templates inside the dashboard.

Unleash your creativity with thousands of built-in elements, icons, shapes, effects, photos, images, and much more.

Change angles, opacity, color, letter spacing, layer, and even add your own stuff. Everything is made possible inside ClickDesigns!

Point & Click, Drag & Drop Editor

Use the point-and-click editor to get beautiful, eye-popping designs faster than your cup of coffee getting cold.

You’ll be thrilled with simplicity when you experience ClickDesigns cutting-edge and versatile editor, as you drag-and-drop what you need, how you need it, and where you need it in seconds.

User Friendly Dashboard

Hit the ground running with ClickDesigns for a truly seamless design experience. A highly user-friendly, intuitive interface that requires zero learning curve which means you can churn out every type of design consistently, one after another.

Never be intimidated or overwhelmed as it really is simple, fast and fun.

28 Industry-Specific Templates

No matter what industry, market, or niche you’re in, there’s elegant templates available for everyone, including you!

Whether you’re selling a physical or digital product, offering services, this represent you.

Niche-specific templates you can customize to perfectly fab and glam up your business that shows customers you are the real deal.

Fully Customizable 2D & 3D Templates

Go straight to the finish line with the most comprehensive collection of professionally crafted designs by award-winning designers never seen before.

Your designs are ready and you can start getting a sea of clicks, leads, and sales faster than ever before possible.

Multi-Angle Layout Views

Every market and industry has a different breed of customers and it’s exactly why you get multiple angles and layouts to choose from that specifically attract your audience type.

Dive straight in, by selecting the angles and layouts that speak directly to your audience the exact way you want to effectively grab and keep their attention.

High Resolution Downloads

The ugly duckling days are long gone, which means today, you need to make photo-realistic appearances of your products.

Give customers heart-stopping designs they can see, feel, and taste with attention to detail that trigger emotions so they open up their wallets to you.

Live Preview

No need to download or switch to another tab. Readily preview your designs as you create them live on the same page and save lots of clicking, downloading and checking time.

In 1 click, instantly live preview your design or progress exactly where you are in the dashboard for a hassle-free, create-to-finish in one sitting experience.

ClickDesigns Review: Who Is It For?

In a nutshell, anyone who’s in business needs graphic designs.

  • Digital Marketers

  • Bloggers

  • Video Creators

  • Social Media Marketers

  • Online Course Creators

  • Authors & Publishers

  • Software Creators

  • Entrepreneurs

  • eCommerce Owners

And here’s the more interesting part. If you’re a freelancer or looking for another source of income, ClickDesigns will make it easy for you. ClickDesigns is truly newbie-friendly and requires no creative or technical skills and experience from its users.

It will empower you to churn out designs after designs, maximising your income potential. You can literally create designs in minutes. Just imagine how many designs you can produce in an hour. This is a side gig that can give you a full-time income.

ClickDesigns Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really that easy to create amazing designs?

ClickDesigns is a point-and-click, drag-and-drop design software that takes care of the design work for you. The pre-designed templates are ready to go, which means you can be up and sprinting in minutes with your first design! Try it!

Am I still going to need to hire a coder and designer?

You don’t and you don’t have to. ClickDesigns creates the designs for you and once you download, you can directly add it yourself to any site builder. This is your very own Creative Director on demand that works at the click of a mouse. No technical or creative skills required.

Are the graphics and photos inside ClickDesigns free?

Yes, they are free! All photos and graphics inside ClickDesigns are 100% royalty-free. The templates, images and photos do not require attribution, so you don’t have to worry when choosing from our library for your next project.

Can I use my own logos, photos, and images too?

Yes, you can upload your own logos, photos, graphics, and images into ClickDesigns and keep your branding intact. You can upload anything you want, make it look exactly how you would’ve wanted!

Will this help me sell my products or services?

The reason why most businesses fail is because they have graphic designs as an afterthought and not as a necessity. They assume that their product will sell itself. The point-and-click software GETS YOU your designs and will save you time so that you can focus your attention on other parts of the business without an ounce of worry.

The Final Verdict: Is ClickDesigns Worth It?

The power of graphics goes beyond aesthetics. Because they reinforce your written message, graphic designs play a key role in web design and digital marketing.

At the end of the day, your goal is to inform, engage, and convert. Words are great, but graphics seal the deal. So if you want a sleek new look that attracts audiences and makes sharing worthy of the effort, graphics are your foolproof answer.

But the biggest challenge is getting graphic designs, constantly. This is why design software is now a marketer’s must-have. ClickDesigns is guilty of the marketing hype it’s getting, aka, it’s worth all the hype.

The ClickDesigns WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is a godsend for people who are not technical. It’s easy to use because of the drag and drop interface.

It allows for speed and efficiency because the designs are ready for publishing. No additional ninja moves to do.

It gives you flexibility in editing any element of your design without messing up the other elements. It’s hard to go wrong with the pre-made templates!

I’m so glad that ClickDesign offers such professional-looking designs. Unlike other sites, you’re guaranteed quality here because you’ve got top-notch templates to start with.

I was looking for a way to simplify the design process, and I’m sure that ClickDesigns is it. It has all of these features that are easy to use but also give me more control and flexibility than other programs do.

Now, here’s the catch. Other designs like covers of magazines and books are locked behind a paywall. If you want the whole shebang, you need to buy the whole bundle.

But with the income potential that ClickDesigns will bring you, it’s definitely worth the investment! And this is my opinion based on testing and using ClickDesigns.

I hope you find my ClickDesigns Review helpful. If this is a product that you’re interested in picking up then click the buttons on this page and get ClickDesigns with my free bonuses.

Grab your ClickDesigns license now completely risk free. Your investment is covered by the no hassle, money back guarantee. Thank you for reading my ClickDesigns Review. I’ll catch you up in my next review article. Bye for now!

ClickDesigns OTO – What is ClickDesigns ?

Get Stunning Logos, Boxshots, Covers, Reports, Digital Mockups, Product Bundles, Graphics & Illustrations Instantly On Demand For Your Online Presence Or For Your Clients WITHOUT Freelancers, Designers, Coders & Webmasters.

The Demo

Product Overview

OTO1 : Unlimited Edition $97 – $197

2,000+ Brand New Premium Templates, Expert Canvas Editor, Automated Logo Maker Engine, Custom Template Designer & 1 Click Design Cloner COMPLETE With Commercial Rights!

✅ UNLIMITED Projects

✅ 2,000+ BRAND NEW Premium Templates Unlocked


✅ UNLIMITED Downloads

✅ UNLIMITED Logo Designs

✅ UNLIMITED Box Shot Designs

✅ UNLIMITED Books & eCover Designs

✅ UNLIMITED Report Designs

✅ UNLIMITED Digital Device Mockups

✅ UNLIMITED Group Bundle Shot Designs

✅ UNLIMITED Funnel Graphics – Headlines, Buttons, Testimonials, Sketches, Arrows, Licenses, Badges, Guarantees, Coupons, Bullet Boxes, Bonus Boxes, Order Stack, Pricing Tables & Video Skins

✅ UNLIMITED Product Bundle Designer – Boxshots, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Watches, Covers & Reports

✅ Expert Canvas Editor

✅ Image & Photo Filters

✅ Vibrant Gradient Tool

✅ 1000’s of Gorgeous Models & Cutouts

✅ Millions Of Professional Stock Assets & Icons

✅ Own Curated Image Library


✅ UNLIMITED Picture Perfect Printables

✅ UNLIMITED Commercial Use

✅ Automated Logo Maker Engine $497 Value

✅ Custom Unique Template Designer $697 Value

✅ 1 Click UNLIMITED Template Design Cloner $997 Value

✅ BRAND NEW Design Template Releases for ONE Year worth $4,997

✅ Sell Any Designs Inside Your ClickDesigns UNLIMITED Account & Earn 100% Profits

OTO2: Professional $77 – $97

UNLOCK Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Photo-Realistic Mockups, Magazines Including Group Shots PRO & CUSTOM Device Builder For EXPLOSIVE High-Ticket Buyers & Sales

✅ UNLIMITED Designer Worksheet Templates

✅ UNLIMITED Designer Checklist Templates

✅ UNLIMITED Designer Cheat Sheet Templates

✅ UNLIMITED Real-World Scene Mockups

✅ UNLIMITED Offline Banner Ad Mockups

✅ UNLIMITED Hand Held Device Mockups

✅ UNLIMITED World Class Magazine Templates

✅ Commercial License

✅ Group Shots PRO Designs Boxshots, Digital Devices (Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones & Watches), Covers, Reports, Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Magazines

✅ PRE-MADE Product Bundle Pro Templates Boxshots, Digital Devices (Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones & Watches), Covers, Reports, Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Magazines)

✅ Custom Digital Device Mockup Builder

✅ ONE Year Brand New Magazines, Worksheets, Checklists & Cheat Sheets Design Releases Worth $1,997

✅ Sell Any Designs Inside ClickDesigns Professional For 100% Profits

OTO3 :Design Pages $67 – $97

Get The Million-Dollar Look Without The Million-Dollar Price Tag, An All-Inclusive Page & Theme Background Maker That Allows Anyone To Create Amazing Page Designs

✅ Design Pages Software

✅ UNLIMITED Page Designs

✅ FULL Website, Funnel & Blog Theme Creator

✅ Custom Background Designer

✅ 1,000s of Pattern, Colour & Image Design Page Templates

✅ Theme Page Designer

✅ Millions of Backgrounds, Photos & Image Assets

✅ Built-In Background & Image Editor

✅ Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized For Websites, Blogs, Funnels & Site Builders

✅ UNLIMITED Illustrations

✅ UNLIMITED Annotations

✅ UNLIMITED Exports & Downloads

✅ UNLIMITED Commercial Use

✅ 1000s of 3D Emojis, Hands, Stickers, Items, Objects, Character Illustrations worth $2,997

✅ 1000s of Illustration & Annotation Templates worth $4,997

✅ Vector & Illustrations Graphics Designer worth $697

✅ Illustrative Scenes Mockup Creator worth $997

✅ ONE Year Brand New Backgrounds, Themes, Illustrations & Callout Design Releases worth $6,997

✅ Create & Sell Page Designs, Illustrations, Annotations & Illustrative Mockups for 100% Profits

OTO4: Agency Edition : $197 – $297

Exponentially Explode Your Income With a REAL AGENCY As Clients Consistently THROW Money At You For Phenomenal Designs Created At Lightning Speed Over & Over Again!

✅ ClickDesigns Agency

✅ Custom Agency Branding

✅ Agency Control Center For Virtual Team Accounts

✅ Agency Management Center to Add, Delete & Manage Users

✅ Agency-Wide Design Collaboration

✅ Client Work & Project Management

✅ 1-Click BULK High-Resolution Downloads

✅ Watermark Design-Protection Engine

✅ Stealth Click Share URL

✅ Showcase Design Portfolio Samples to Clients worth $297

✅ Agency Client Work Review Access worth $497

✅ UNLIMITED Hosting & Storage worth $997

✅ Global Client-Getting & Buyers Blueprint

✅ Done-For-You Legal Client Contracts

✅ Agency VIP Client Support worth $3,997 (eMAIL/CHAT/SKYPE/ZOOM)

✅ Agency VIP Client Technical Support worth $9,997 (eMAIL/CHAT/SKYPE/ZOOM)

✅ FULL Custom ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT BUNDLE Maker worth $1,997

✅ ClickDrive for ClickDesigns Agency worth $697

✅ FREE design templates loaded into your account for an ENTIRE year worth $9,997

✅ Includes VIP Technical & Support worth $14,888 per year

✅ Including New Agency Account Bonuses worth $27,579

✅ Collaborate, Sell, Scale & Grow Your Design Agency For 100% Profits

ClickDesigns OTO Bonuses:

<<<========== All The Bonuses Above ==========>>>>

ClickDesigns OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

ClickDesigns OTO hey there thanks for joining us, be sure to view this whole video clip as we ensure it will be worth your time mark duane below from, as well as this is my click layouts, testimonial and also we remain in the members area as well as we’re on the control panel, as well as I’M going to provide you an introduction demonstration of click layouts and also what click layouts is a graphics creation device that enable you to develop logo designs, box, stores, mockups, bundles, funnels and more, and the first place that I advise that you start after you log in as You go up right here to the guide area, so I’m going to go to the tutorial area and also you have these different training locations to select from, and I highly advise that you watch these. These are videos if you click on them. It’Ll. Take you to the training.

Video and also I’m going to most likely to the click layouts go through and I am mosting likely to play this video. So, after that you have the most effective understanding of just how this program works. Then you can decide whether something that you have an interest in. So I’m mosting likely to play that every now and then I’ll be back and afterwards we’ll undergo the rest of the demo. Hey, it’s diane with click designs in this video I’ll, provide you a brief walkthrough on the click styles dashboard by the end of this video clip.

You must be more familiar with the software program as well as with different switches on the interface before beginning. You will certainly need to have an energetic click. Designs account once you log in you will certainly see the navigation food selection below on the top which will permit you to check out various areas. Relying on your level. You may not see all ClickDesigns OTO the options right here.

So allow’s go through each switch, one at a time. If you go here on the template section, you will certainly see the various done-for-you layouts that are readily available for you to utilize. This is a combination of various categories from different sections too. You will certainly see the different buttons here called funnels logo designs, box. Shots cover sheets mock-ups, packages, illustrations, annotations as well as backgrounds.

ClickDesigns OTO

We will certainly then discuss all these switches here, yet we will simply return to initial talking about the navigating food selection links next under my designs, if you click that web link, all the styles that you’ve created will be shown under the my layout section next under custom. If you click on that, you have 2 options right here. You have my gadget packages and you have my customized packages, so the my package area will certainly reveal all the done-for-you, packages or all the packages that you have actually modified using the different wireframes or different design templates. ClickDesigns OTO The my gadget, bundles, are all the device bundles that you developed from square one, or the wireframes that you put together with the devices the my customized bundles, have various types of wireframes assembled to develop a custom package. Since we’re performing with the navigating alternatives.

Lets go back to the control panel listed below the navigation. The menu is a banner that will enable you to start producing styles with a few clicks. You will likewise see the latest graphics added to the software application system and additionally listed below that. You will certainly additionally see the latest layouts that you have actually created on the top banner. You will see some shortcuts to produce layouts, plus the view all button and also the start from scratch button.

The view all switch brings you to the theme’s web page, which looks like this. The go back to square one button brings you to a page where you can produce any kind of design from a blank canvas. All you need to do is type your file name right below when we click the funnel switch. It brings you to a web page where you can pick a channel kind and also you can ClickDesigns OTO get in the favored canvas size too. So, essentially, you might pick from headings video skins, switches, bullet boxes, endorsements, vouchers, assurances as well as everything else.

After that, after going into the canvas size, all you have to do is click continue. You also have the option to produce a new layout as well as choose a wireframe for you to use from the box shots that cover the sheets as well as the mock-up alternative. Allow me to show you how it resembles I’ll click proceed that’s how it resembles. So all you have to do is simply utilize layout and then you can create your design. The same goes with box shots, you click on proceed, after that you can pick the type of view that you like for your box, fired right afterward.

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You can also do that for covers click and also proceed, and afterwards you can choose the kind of angle that you would certainly like for your covers. The exact same point goes for sheets click on proceed and also all the various sheets and also wireframes for sheets will have the ability to load, ClickDesigns OTO as well as all you have to do is click usage theme to make sure that you might use and also begin making. The images, annotations, and history choice allow you to go into a canvas dimension, and then right after that, you can produce layouts directly from the blank canvas. The blank canvas resembles this, and also all you need to do is just add the different components right here. You might do the exact very same thing for your backgrounds right afterward you just need to click proceed, and afterward you can see that you have a blank canvas when you’re done modifying on your empty canvas.

You have an alternative to export in various formats as well as include a watermark. You can also conserve your job and after that you can additionally leave when you have actually left. Allow’S return and click on design templates to make sure that you can see all the various styles and after that for your layouts that you could choose from so if you click on the funnels option right below, you have various submenu options below or categories that you can pick from. To make sure that you could really load provided for your themes, you have headlines to select from video clip skins switches bullet boxes, endorsements, sketches, arrowheads, bonus, boxes, order, stacks pricing, tables, licenses, ClickDesigns OTO badges guarantees as well as coupons. After that, you have actually done for the logo designs that you can also select from done for you templates.

Then you have various box shots that you can pick from also. You have various covers that you might choose from after that you have the sub menu right here. Various cover types. We have publications, reports, and additional publications again, depending upon your level. You might not have accessibility to all the choices right here.

Next off, you have sheets, so you have various types of done-for-you themes and also we have various types of worksheets, lists as well as likewise cheat sheets. Then we have mock-ups under the mock-up area, we have different, display, mockups laptop computers tablets, phones, enjoys scenes, and illustratory mock-ups. Relying on your level. You might not see every little thing, however below are some examples of the illustrative mock-ups that you would have access to or the done-for-you illustrator mock-ups that you can make use of and then below are some instances of the different mock-ups of the laptops that you might make use of as well. Next, you have the bundle option.

The package option provides you a choice to pick whether you want the group shots or the group shots from. This again differs relying on your degree group. Shots are layouts with box shots, gadgets covers and also reports. While the team shots pro-choice gives you box shots tools with covers records, worksheets lists, cheat sheets and additionally magazines under the pictures food selection. You have actually done for you design templates and also pictures that you might select from too, and this set allows you to utilize various types of done for your pictures and also just simply click on the preview or use design templates to make sure that you can pack as well as modify them.

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The comments switch. Also has provided for you comments or images like sketches and also things as well as arrowheads that you could preview or you can make use of as a theme ton and also modify then tailor. Lastly, the history choice has different sorts of histories that you can select from. You can preview them as well as use them as a theme as well. ClickDesigns OTO

After all of that, allow’s carry on to the graphics section.

You can simply sneak peek the visuals that you would love to utilize, or you could utilize layout and also customize the graphic that you would like this is full of various sorts of classifications and also different types of graphics. Now that you have a concept how the click styles, interface jobs, I’ll, walk you through the different classifications that we have as well as just how to search for an excellent theme. So, for instance, you want to search a box shot for a particular niche or specific group that you’re under click all categories and after that pick the classification that you suit. As an example, you match residence as well as garden and afterward enter a keyword that you believe you would best fit in i search for home and also now I have a home layout box shot right below, an additional one. Allow’S just say I work undernet and modern technology ClickDesigns OTO and also I ‘d such as a box shot that speaks about, allow just say, digital business, so all I have to do is type in electronic, as well as now I have 2 various digital networking or electronic defense box shots.

The exact same goes for the remainder of the alternatives right here. All you need to do is pick the certain theme type that you would such as and afterward fall all categories food selection and afterward search for the certain niche or group that you would like to try to find and afterward struck search to ensure that all the various types of Covers under that particular design template will certainly be revealed or will certainly turn up. The very same thing goes with all the other theme types right below. All you have to do is pick the subcategory that you prefer and after that key in a particular key phrase. If you would like or leave it blank and afterward hit search now we’re back right here at my designs, control panel I would love to show you the different sorts of alternatives that you might use or that you can produce your designs.

For instance, you would love to take action on this certain design right here, click the three buttons. Then you have different kinds of choices right here. Initially, clicking on save to the conserve to option enables you to select a storage space kind that you would such as. So, for example, if you have actually integrated Dropbox into your system or into your account, all you need to do is click on dropbox, then click on save again. This will depend upon the accessibility degree that you have right.

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Afterward click the share switch to enable you to ClickDesigns OTO share your style with other people without disclosing that you’ve utilized click layouts, all you need to do is duplicate this up right here and also paste it to wherever you like, or any place you ‘d like to share right. After that, you can click on replicate. If you ‘d like to replicate your design, then you can also click on preview. If you want to take a look at a larger version of your layout right after that, you can likewise click image link. This would be to share your layout inside or, if it’s fine with you for people to see that you’ve developed this form click designs, all you have to do is replicate the url and paste it to whoever you wish to share it with after that click download.

If you would love to immediately download your creative right into your neighborhood system, the last alternative that you have below is the erase alternative. The erase option will certainly enable this completely to be deleted from click designs that’s it. We’re done with a short walkthrough regarding click layouts. I’ll see you in the following video alright, that was the walkthrough of click styles, it’s in the tutorials, and also currently I’m going to go back to the dashboard. ClickDesigns OTO Okay, now we’re back into the click layouts, dashboard, as well as you obtained these different tabs up right here on top.

You obtained dashboard, you got layouts, you got my layouts, you obtained favorites, you got custom-made, you got tutorials, you got your account settings, as well as downright here, are the different templates. You obtained logos, box, shops, mock-ups, packages, funnels, you can check out all the themes or you can start from scratch. Well, I’m mosting likely to view all this is all the layouts as well as you got two various alternatives on below. You can watch by category search by category. It’S a great deal of various groups: oops and then you can do it by keywords and afterwards simply put key words in there push search and after that below’s all the different themes.

You got graphics, you obtained logos, you obtained box shops, you got covers and also down below covers, as well as several of these you got different choices on right here. I wish to aim that out. You obtained from books, records, publications, so I just want you to be knowledgeable about that. You obtained sheets there once more, you got some more options under right here. You obtained mock-ups a lot of options under the below packages.

After that you obtained images, anatoshans histories, you obtained funnels as well as a lot of choices under right here. So anyway, I’m gonna go back and also in order to develop or edit a layout, press on we’ll just do logos, and afterwards you choose a layout. Currently, you can preview it or you can use it. Well, I’m going to simply utilize this below, we’ll utilize this template below ClickDesigns OTO and then you require to call it and then you press proceed. Okay, then you can edit the layout.

All this is totally editable. It’S a lot of different alternatives on here. So, there’s no other way I’m going to be able to touch on whatever. So anyway, you obtained these alternatives over here. You got the message option, you can include a brand-new layer.

You can include some message, placement, text, options, font style, size, font style, family as well as adjustment. The elevation spacing ability, that’s the transparency or you can erase it and you obtained a few other choices on below. Okay, the images you can publish a photo. This is your images down right here. This is just one of my anime personalities.

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Uh, it’s got clear history. Its an animation! Animation character, it becomes part of the bonus you get this with the bonuses see that works with this. It belongs to a program that I’m developing that I have not come out with yet, yet you get a thousand of ClickDesigns OTO these or anime animation personalities with clear history. As part of an incentive goes really well with this program, so

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