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mumumukumenlinea2022 - Puss turns to his former partner and nemesis Kitty Softpaws (voice of Salma Hayek) for help. He was forced to ask for help because he remembered that he had only one life left.

Puss and Kitty are also assisted by Perro (voice actor, Harvey Guillén), a chatty but kind-hearted village cat. Although a domestic cat, Perro was kept by someone at the time. They also become a compact team to find the hopeful star which is also being fought over by the bear family, Jack Horner (voice actor, John Mulaney), and the Big Bad Wolf (voice actor, Wagner Moura) who is a bounty hunter who makes Puss afraid.

So, who will get the hopeful star? That question will be answered when watching the actions of the three cat characters. Puss In Boots, a film that when watched will see the adventures of a friend and a touching family. > https://mimikenlinea2022.statuspage.io/

The visuals of the film are also no joke. Every scene that will surprise the audience with its animations. Not only the beauty of the animation, Puss In Boots can also churn the audience's stomach with the hilarious actions and dialogue of the characters.

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