The secrets of love between Courtois and Mishel Gerzig

The secrets of love between Courtois and Mishel Gerzig

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The two discover what their life is like in Madrid and their plans for the future in an interview on 'Vanity Fair'

The Belgian soccer player Thibaut Courtois and the Israeli model Mishel Gerzig spoke about their wedding in an interview with 'Vanity Fair' magazine .

"We already have the date, a magical place. It will be a private, romantic and fun ceremony, with a great party in which there will be no lack of music. We love to dance reggaeton," the couple explains about their wedding.



"We have invited Florentino Pérez to our wedding and we hope he can come," revealed Mishel Gerzig.

Thibaut Courtois: "I get along well with Florentino Pérez". He is the boss. He wants us to win"
About his relationship with Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, Courtois said that "I get along well. He's the boss. He wants us to win. I like his style, he's very close. He doesn't lose a game, something I hadn't seen before in No manager. He demands a lot from you, but he's a great president. He's achieved everything. It's not like we send each other WhatsApp (laughs), but we talk before and after the games. In the box, he always comes over to chat with Mishel, with the families of the rest of the players".
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