Soligor MC 35-70mm f2.5-3.5 MF FD Macro 1:3 (35-70 2.5-3.5) - 17404

Soligor MC 35-70mm f2.5-3.5 MF FD Macro 1:3 (35-70 2.5-3.5) - 17404

Giá Bán: 1,500,000đ



Tặng kèm ngàm qua các máy tương thích : Canon EOS, Canon EOSM, Sony E, MFT, Fuji FX,.. nếu không lấy kèm ngàm giảm 200k

Soligor was originally the trade mark for the American Allied Impex Corporation, used from 1956 for lenses and later cameras imported from Japan. It imported cameras from Japan and also took control of companies in Japan. Among the first products was Miranda T camera and Soligor lenses. Soligor GmbH is a German manufacturer of photographic equipment, optics, video surveillance equipment, and personal electronics. Founded in Stuttgart in 1968 as A.I.C. Phototechnik GmbH by Allied Impex Corporation (USA), the company changed its official name in 1993 to match the brand name used on its optical products. Most commonly encountered products were manufactured in Japan (to quite a reasonable standard-many by Tokina) under the Soligor brand, as well as Miranda, (which was acquired by Allied Impex in the 1960s.) The company also seems to have had an association with Vivitar, (the T4 interchangeable mount, for instance). The company is currently located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, just outside Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg.

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