Benefits of Big Data for Companies

Benefits of Big Data for Companies

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Every second, 1.7 megabytes of data are produced for every person in the world. This data does not only consist of tens of millions of messages or e-mails that are sent every second through applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

This huge amount of data also includes one trillion digital photos every year. Also based on Youtube data, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute and as many as three billion for Facebook. Then, there is also data from sensors on our smart devices.

These sensors can tell the location (GPS), accelerometer or moving speed, and barometer or weather conditions. The data set is very large and will not be able to be handled by ordinary data management.

This large amount of data is then called big data, whose term was introduced by Doug Laney in the 2000s. Then in a short period of time, big data was then adopted by many big companies, such as Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, and many more. Companies in Indonesia themselves have adopted big data, including Telkomsel, Traveloka, and Gojek.

Many companies have high interest in adopting big data. According to a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Business School, Miro Kazakoff, this is because in a world full of data, companies that have teams with high levels of data literacy will win the market.

The definition of big data can be summarized as data with a very large volume so that it must use the latest tools in its processing. According to an expert in information systems management, Gordon B. Darvis, data itself is symbols or logic that must be arranged and arranged so that results can be obtained from the data.

Technology then offers convenience to create a business. This then makes a variety of new companies emerge thus encouraging an increasingly dynamic competition, as companies try to win the hearts of customers and market segmentation that used to be generalized, is now being abandoned.

Big data can provide advantages for companies with access to understand customer preferences on a personal basis, as well as what things can please customers. Big data allows this to be done massively and automatically.

Data can help companies understand more about users, so big companies like Netflix and Spotify take their data collection very seriously. Every tap, mouse click, to swipe up on company content can be a reference for business decisions.

The end result of processing big data itself is insight or insight for the company. The big data process does not only consist of acquiring, exploring, processing, and analyzing data, but must culminate in finding insights as references and suggestions for developing the company's business before turning it into action.

This was conveyed by an expert in marketing science and customer experience, Jay Baer, who said that companies are surrounded by data, but lack insight. This shows that even though the existence of data is widespread, companies are not necessarily successful in taking advantage of it.

Meanwhile, according to Data Scientist & Founder of Fast Forward Labs, Hilary Mason, the most important use of data is to tell us about the world that was not known before. Data can then help companies find patterns, tell stories, and understand the world around them more deeply.

This knowledge can then make a big difference to the company. This difference is not only in terms of business processes, but also for the wider community.

Prashanth Southekal, a business analysis writer, professor and rector of the Data Institute for Business Performance said that the success of a business is not only obtained from the amount of data collected, but is influenced by data management and insight. Insight itself can be divided into three levels, namely descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive with their respective characteristics.

These three insights are very important to be implemented by companies or organizations. The company has taken a step further by applying these three insights, and can predict the possibilities that could occur and prepare the company to handle them as best they can.

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