Why Jenna Ortega’s Performance As Wednesday Is So Good

Why Jenna Ortega’s Performance As Wednesday Is So Good

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Wednesday star Jenna Ortega sheds light on the only time her titular character cries. In the Netflix series, which sees the young Addams family member attempting to solve strange occurrences at her new school, Ortega often has to bypass overt emotion, typically with a stony expression. The series immediately proved to be a massive hit for Netflix, with a significant amount of attention paid to Ortega's take on the macabre teenager. As Wednesday is all too happy to project that she is someone to be feared, instances of her breaking that image are a rare occurrence in the series.

There is one instance in Wednesday season 1 where Ortega has to break down. This occurs when Thing is found to be stabbed in the Nevermore dorm room wall. Thing is ultimately saved by Uncle Fester, but the ordeal serves to demonstrate what really matters to Wednesday. The star of the upcoming Scream sequel discussed the crying moment recently, saying that it was an important moment and giving her opinion on why it works so well.

Why Jenna Ortega’s Performance As Wednesday Is So Good

In a pleasantly surprising turn, Ortega received a Golden Globe nomination for her work on Wednesday. That is particularly surprising since Wednesday belongs to the teen drama genre, which does not often get noticed at major awards. Early in its run, Netflix's take on the Addams family has seemed to break through with massive online buzz and record viewership. Much of this is due to Ortega's performance which updates the character from all previous iterations. She's able to channel the essence of the character while able to create something entirely unique.

Ortega has received significant praise for Wednesday. She has the responsibility of essentially carrying the series and, even for critics and audiences that were less than enamored by the show as a whole, her magnetic performance could not be denied. It's the same energy she brought during her stint on YOU season 2, which has left some viewers still asking for her return. Ortega has already proven her charisma with her performance in the 2022 Scream, where she was ultimately regarded as the horror reboot's breakout performer. Wednesday taps into that quality, pinpointing the right scenes which highlight her strengths.

Wednesday season 2 has yet to receive an official renewal, but it's almost certain that Netflix is looking at how to best capitalize on the success of the series and its star. As Wednesday has passed major milestones for the streamer, it's only a matter of time before the series is renewed. It'll be interesting to note, as well, whether the upcoming episodes will allow more overt emotion as the protagonist deals with a stalker and potentially greater danger yet.

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