this was exactly the intention

this was exactly the intention

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Despite its reputation as a “runt of the litter” among the greater pantheon of James Bond films, Quantum of Solace has aged into something of an interesting outlier in Daniel Craig’s run as 007, delivering unique and worthwhile dimensions to the iconic character’s arc after Casino Royale. Notoriously produced during the 2007 Writers Guild Strike, Quantum of Solace was released to a middling-at-best reception, particularly in the shadow of its predecessor. The installment’s many detractors cite its dour tone, frenetic editing, and unclear plotting as deciding contributions to Daniel Craig’s “sophomore slump” as 007.

While it’s certainly true that Quantum of Solace is a far bleaker Bond flick, this was exactly the intention - and a necessity foisted upon it by Casino Royale’s tragic ending. After the betrayal and consequent death of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the love of Bond’s life, whatever Bond film that followed could not simply “return to normal” tonally, stylistically, structurally, or otherwise. While indeed imperfect, Quantum of Solace is nonetheless the spiritual hangover Craig’s Bond needed after the events of Casino Royale; unprecedented proof that even the “toughest” James Bond could be emotionally wounded to an extent from which he cannot simply bounce back by the next movie.

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