Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal Sliding Windows

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Horizontal Sliding Windows

slider window is a type of window that you open horizontally. If you tilt your head to one side they almost look like double-hung windows. They're one of the simplest replacement window designs available. The number of window panes and movable panels can change, but the system remains the same.

What Is a Slider Window?

A slider window is a type of window that you open horizontally. If you tilt your head to one side they almost look like double-hung windows.

They’re one of the simplest replacement window designs available. The number of window panes and movable panels can change, but the system remains the same. You can push at least one of the panels to the side to open the window fully.

Most slider windows have two glass panels with one moveable side. You can decide whether you want the moveable pane on the right or the left side.

You can also choose between single and double pane sliding glass windows. Double pane windows are worth the investment because they have two panes of glass. That’s great for insulation from outdoor temperatures as well as noise.

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What Is a Slider Window Called?

Slider windows are most commonly referred to as slider or sliding windows, but can also be referred to as glider windows, or simply gliders.

Types of Slider Windows

There are three main types of slider windows: single slider, double slider, and three-pane slider. Single sliders have one fixed pane and one moveable pane. The moveable pane slides back and forth on the sash.

Double sliders feature two or three panes of glass, but they have two panes that move. You can open either side of the window for more ventilation.

Three-pane sliders usually feature a large picture window in the center and a sliding window on either side.

These three types of slider windows all have their pros and cons – in this guide to slider windows, this is explained further.

When Should You Use a Sliding Window?

A sliding window is a fantastic option for your home; it floods a room with light, provides easy ventilation, and has an aesthetically pleasing simple design. Slider windows also happen to be one of the more inexpensive window types available.

You should use a sliding window to fit a wide space – they are, by very nature, not suitable for windows that are longer vertically than horizontally. They fit well into larger rooms like a living room or dining room, or rooms that require more natural light, like the kitchen. Slider windows are generally less suitable for bathrooms but can be adjusted if necessary.

The sleek design of slider windows suits modern homes perfectly. Simplicity and minimalism are still in with home design, and this window fits the criteria superbly. For the same reasons slider windows may suit modern homes and bungalows, they may look out of place in an older building.

Now that we know more about this window type, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of a slider window.

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What is horizontal sliding sash window?

Horizontal Sliding Sash windows are similar to their more common Vertical Sliding Sash windows, but the sashes slide side-to-side, rather than up-and-down. These windows were traditionally used in workers' cottages because they match the proportions of the buildings and were less expensive to produce.

Advantages of Slider Windows

1. Unobstructed Views

One of the best things about slider windows is that they provide a great view of the outdoors. They have minimal framing so there’s not much that will block your view. They’re also usually wider than they are tall, so sliders have the dimensions of a picture window.

2. Variety in Size and Versatility

Sliders also come in bigger sizes than double-hung windows since they move right to left instead of up and down. Just by turning the window on its side so to speak, you can install a larger slider than you could a double-hung.

Although slider windows are not suitable for window spaces that are tall and narrow, they have very few limits beyond that. Their size can be adjusted to fit into a very large or very small space, as the simple sliding mechanism suits either.

3. Sunshine & Ventilation

Slider windows are often on the larger side, as they're usually used to cover a wide surface area. Since they're wide windows, they also open wider. That means you can let in lots of natural light and fresh air.

The minimal design has little obstruction, The light to pour into the room. Slider windows maximize the potential natural lighting in your home, as they consist of only two large panes of glass – both the size and design of slider windows lend itself well to brightening a whole room.

Most window types only allow for a small section to be opened or a full window only partially. With slider windows, you can open an entire pane of glass by sliding it. Single sliders can only move a single pane, but double sliders can move either, allow for two areas of ventilation.

A slider window is one of the best window types for ventilation.

4. Affordability

Despite their large size, they're often a very affordable choice for window replacement thanks to their simple construction. Just like sliding glass doors, slider windows simply glide along a track to open and close. Double-hung windows use a complex pulley system which is why they're usually more expensive.

5. Ease of Use

Slider windows are also easy to open and close. If you're getting older and you're concerned about accessibility, slider windows are a great choice.

They're also great for difficult-to-reach places like stairwells and tight hallways. As long as you can reach the bottom of the window, you can open it. Most of the time you won't need to worry about getting a step ladder.

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