Know about 90 days Dubai visa

Know about 90 days Dubai visa

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A long-term visa is one that is valid for 90 days in Dubai. An applicant receives a formal authorization from the UAE government for travel to Dubai. A guest may stay in the nation for a total of 90 days. There are two variations of the visa: single entrance and multiple entry.
According to the single entry, a traveler's visa becomes invalid after they leave the United Arab Emirates. In terms of multiple entrance, the applicant is permitted to make numerous trips to Dubai or other emirates during a period of 90 days.
Both modes of admission have a different cost for a 90-day Dubai visa. In this sentence, we discuss the price of a typical service.

  • Single entry ($540)
  • Multiple entries ($940)

The visa is valid for 60 days, starting on the day it is issued. However, beginning on the day of your admission, the length of your stay will be 90 days. In addition, we offer rapid service for individuals who need to get to Dubai quickly. Don't be afraid to get in touch with our visa experts via WhatsApp or chat assistance if you want more information.
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