Can I get a divorce in Viet Nam if I get married abroad?

Can I get a divorce in Viet Nam if I get married abroad?

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Can I get a divorce in Viet Nam if I get married abroad?

 Vietnamese citizens who have registered their marriage abroad do not need to move to the country of registration to get a divorce but can still get a divorce in Viet Nam, when meeting the conditions, procedures and documents in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law. In this article, Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators (Tel: (+84) 903.419.479) will clarify procedures to divorce in Viet Nam in case of getting married abroad.

1. What is a marriage involving foreign elements?

Marriage and family relations involving foreign elements are:

  • Marriage and family relations in which at least one party is a foreigner or a Vietnamese residing abroad;

  • Marriage and family relations between the parties involved are Vietnamese citizens, but the grounds for establishing, changing or terminating such relationship are according to foreign laws, arising abroad or property related to that relationship abroad.

2. Can I get a divorce in Vietnam if I got married aboard?

❖ In case of getting married at a competent foreign agency, Vietnamese people can still perform a divorce involving foreign elements in Vietnam when fully meeting the legal conditions prescribed for conditions, procedures, and divorce records.

❖ Jurisdiction to settle divorces involving foreign elements belongs to the People Courts of provinces. If the divorce takes place with a Vietnamese citizen residing in the border area with a citizen of a neighboring country residing in the border area with Vietnam, the jurisdiction belongs to the district-level People Court.

❖ Processing time: depending on the provisions of current law.

3. How do procedure divorce involving foreign elements take place?

The place to file for divorce involving foreign elements at the People Court of the province/city under central authority has the authority to request settlement.

A dossier for divorce in Vietnam includes the following documents:

✓ Divorce application

✓ Original consular legalized marriage

✓ ID card (Passport)  

✓ Household registration (certified copy) of both parties

✓ A copy of the birth certificate of the child (if there are children)

✓ A certified true copy of documents and documents on property ownership (if there is a property dispute).

4. Divorce service in Vietnam for cases of marriage registration abroad

Based on the law on the right of citizens to divorce, we provide divorce services in Vietnam for clients who get married abroad. The work of the Lawyer includes:

✍ Researching documents provided by the client;

✍ Prepare a divorce petition;

✍ Make a list of documents for customers to prepare to attach divorce documents;

✍ Note: In case the client cannot prepare enough documents by himself, the lawyer can assist the client in contacting and working with the competent authority to complete the dossier.

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If you have any wonder relating to divorce involving foreign elements, do not hesitate to contact us via Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators or Hotline: (+84) 903.419.479  for detailed information. 

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