Grammarly Alternatives to Plagiarism detection tools for 2022.



Grammica is a direct competitor to Turnitin. Provides proofreading, editing, plagiarism verification and citation generator. The big difference is that a team of real human academic editors do proofreading, not a computer program. This is a huge benefit on Turnitin, especially when it comes to identifying grammatical errors.

The company has partnered with Turnitin, so Grammica Plagiarism Checker uses the same sources: 'More than 70 billion webpages and 69 million scientific publications.' The software can detect plagiarism even when changing sentence structure or wording, even when merging multiple sources.


It is more affordable. In fact, a lot of its functionality is available for free, while a Pro subscription costs only $17.47 per month. The trade-off is that it only works in Google Chrome and using the iOS mobile app.

It effectively identifies spelling and grammatical errors, but I haven't yet tested how well it works to detect plagiarism. A Pro subscription includes 50 checks per month, so if you're on a budget, this is another tool worth considering.

Plagia Shield

Plagia Shield (from $14.90 per month) takes plagiarism in the opposite direction: it makes sure that the content of your website is not used (and misused) by others. It even helps fight thieves by preparing DMCA models for you.

Their limited free plan will start. It performs a single scan on one domain to warn if your content has been stolen by other sites.

12. Swipe

Plagly is a free online tool that checks for grammatical errors and plagiarism. It helps companies improve their websites by eliminating duplicate content. It is also used by students and teachers.

The plagiarism checker compares your text to 20 billion sources, including web pages and document databases. The citation generator is included.