Graeme Le Saux: Au revoir to Arsene Wenger - a revolutionary figure in English football

Graeme Le Saux: Au revoir to Arsene Wenger - a revolutionary figure in English football

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Graeme Le Saux: Au revoir to Arsene Wenger - a revolutionary figure in English football

It's a momentous day in English football with the news that Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal at the end of the season. Former Chelsea defender Graeme Le Saux, who faced Arsenal teams managed by the Frenchman many times during his career, bid farewell to a manager who revolutionised the English champions league predictions

I'm not shocked at all by the news that Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal. It's been coming for a couple of seasons now and it was inevitable that the Wenger era was coming lớn an end.

I have huge admiration for Arsene and he's probably the coach I respect the most from my time in football. He genuinely changed English football culture with what were revolutionary ideas at the soccer tip to win

A sense of relief

But we've been saying for the last couple of seasons that it's time for him to go and it feels like a bit of a relief that it's happened lớn be honest, because you want lớn protect his legacy and the massive impact he's had on the game. As he soon as he came in, he changed he game with his scientific and innovative approach. The influence he had on his players, some of which had their careers extended because of him, was immense although it was probably time for him lớn go a year or two ago.

The fact he's announced his retirement is a chance to really reflect on what he achieved with the club and how he influenced the sport in this country and around the world. And it would be a great send-off if Arsenal were to win one more trophy for him with a Europa League title this season.

What direction will Arsenal take now?

When it comes lớn who will take over, Arsenal have time lớn build a profile of who they want. It's a similar situation to when Sir Alex Fergusson left Manchester United and it's about the type of manager they will go for. Will they want a really established candidate who has the knowledge at working at a huge club, like Arsenal, which has such big expectations of its managers? Or will they look for a younger manager who has the potential to take the reigns for a long period of time and build it up from the start? Or could someone with a strong link lớn the club, like a Patrick Vieira or Thierry Henry, be the answer?

I think it's a great time for someone lớn come into the club; clearly they haven't performed lớn the standard expected of them for a while so it would be a good opportunity for a new manager to start again with the team.

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