Glass Lens 532nm Green Cross Laser Alignment

Glass Lens 532nm Green Cross Laser Alignment

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In various industrial precise cross line measuring work fields, either it is pointing at close or long distance, it is the best job for users to apply a 532nm green cross laser alignment within 5mW to 100mW. It projects the most visible green laser light from wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW. Unless it is pointing under sunlight, it also makes good job for high precision cross line projection within long extending distance and high lighting etc. 
Being made with ultra compact metal housing tube, within freely installed distance of 3 meters, this 532nm green laser module enables constant green laser beam emission and highly clear green cross line projection in continuous use. Owing to strict laser beam stability and aging preventing test, only after its proper use of output power and freely adjusted laser beam focus, it achieves no mistake and no barrier cross line projection for both industrial and high tech work fields.
Applications: laser alignment for screen printing system, laser medical therapy, military targeting and positioning, heat transfer machine, laser car wheel alignment system etc

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