Food on train

Food on train

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Food is an important part of our lives, and when it comes to traveling, it can't be ignored. The Indian Railways has the most extended rail network in the world. It also offers various food options to its passengers. But we all know that the food we get on the train has limited with food options. So, if have particular cuisine in your mind and want to get it during your train journey then you might be searching to order food on train . And RailRecipe is one of the best options you can consider to go with. 

If you haven't heard the RailRecipe name before then let me tell you that it is an authorized partner of RailRecipe. They had partnered with more than 2500 restaurants all over India. You will get a wide range of food options ranging from veg to non-veg thalis at affordable pricing. And if you have any particular about whether they will deliver food to station or not then let me tell you that they deliver food to more than 560 stations India.

If you are wondering how to order food from RailRecipe then you just have to visit their website and put your train number or pnr number. And select the food and the restaurant you want to order from and the payment mode. After that, you will receive your food within less than an hour of your order. Or you can call on this - 08448440386 to order your food.

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